Hollywood Babble-On 5: Babble-On 5.

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Kevin and Ralph cop one measly feel out of the titular reference."
Runtime: 1:25:49
Recorded Fri, 17th Sept. 2010
Released Mon, 20th Sept. 2010

0:00 Intro by Matt Cohen.
0:25 Babylon 5 is discussed at length.
2:00 Babble-On 50 will be recorded in Hawaii as Babble-On 5-0.
2:41 A listener made a picture of Kevin as Jabba the Hutt featuring Ralph as Salacious Crumb. (I can't locate it anywhere, at the moment.)
3:18 Quote: "I don't know if it's the eyebrows or the fuckin' Frankenstein forehead ..."
4:00 **first appearance** "Wow. Is the Cameron family here ...?"
4:20 Ralph's dog is called Reggie the Wonder Dog.
4:59 Kevin rickrolls Ralph.
5:13 Top Ten movies for week ending Sept 12.
6:55: Ralph destroys his notes as Kevin berates him for talking about last weeks numbers.
7:05 **first appearance** Tinseltown Stiffs. ("Let's talk about dead people!")
7:12 Tinseltown Stiff: Kevin McCarthy.
8:12 Quote: "Kevin McCarthy invented McCarthyism!"
8:20 Tinseltown Stiff: Billie Mae Richards.
9:10 Ralph and Kevin discuss pronunciation of Rankin Bass.
10:20 Billie Mae Richards lost all residual royalties. Life facts of said Richards.
12:40 Ralph works in a Herman Munster impression.
13:30 Ralph has had several complaints about the "Cumpire Kids."
13:57 Jennifer Lopez signs on American Idol for $12 million.
14:27 Ralph tells an audience member to shut up for defending Randy Jackson.
14:45 Kevin promises never to watch American Idol.
15:40 Kevin sings the praises of Put Him in Bucca.
17:08 Ralph would like to send Ashton Kutcher to Iraq to host.
17:30 Ashton Kutcher caught cheating twice this month. Link.
20:53 Quote: "I am Demi God!"
22:20 Quote: "A fat man will eat your pussy!" "And anything else you have lying around the house."
22:43 Ralph gets Rickrolled again.
23:13 Annette Bening and Warren Beatty have marriage problems over transgender son.
25:20 **first appearance¨¨ Kevin quotes Kevin Costner in JFK "We're through the looking glass; up is down, black is white."
27:15 Lindsay Lohan released from rehab early. She was at VMA's with Chelsea Handler.
27:45 Kevin tells a VMA story. Kevin's daughter mystified by a disturbance at VMA's.
28:45 Ralph references Lady Gaga, the meat dress. etc.
29:20 Disclaimer: "Ralph may make fun of people."
30:52 Quote: "There are angry negroes, we need to leave!"
32:20 Ralph knows Dr. Drew. Kevin is unimpressed. Kevin is a doctor.
33:10 Lindsay Lohan failed a drug test. Source article.
33:26 Ralph praises the effects of cocaine and tells of paraphernalia (a bindle), transport methods, effects, etc.
35:38 Quote: "Are you a cop?" (Ralph to Kevin.)
37:50 Ralph rickrolls Kevin.
40:35 Quote: "OK, Hang-'Em-High Smith!"
41:00 Paris Hilton faces lesser drug charges for admitting lesser crimes.
42:00 George Michael jailed for driving under the influence of marijuana.
44:00 He's in solitary confinement, and the other inmates are mocking him, via his 'music.'
47:50 Geek news. Good Morning America had Bono and The Edge for Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark.
49:00 **first appearance** Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark.
50:00 Quote: "I'm a nerd, not a junkie!"
50:38 Ralph is not optimistic for Spiderman. First track made available
54:25 Kevin sings from the Annie soundtrack.
54:40 Spiderman music from the 70's. Spiderman Rockomic 1972. and Rock Reflections of a SuperHero. More here. 
58:00 Kevin and Ralph both saw The Town. Jeremy Renner discusses the Hawkeye costume in The Avengers. Ralph rails against movies deviating away from original comic book material.
1:01:23 Glee gets booed. Kevin attended filming, recently. Episode due of Rocky Horror Picture Show.
1:03:10 **first appearance** Theatre-Ralph.
1:04:40 **first appearance** Ralph sings and impersonates Tim Curry.
1:06:40 Trey Parker and Matt Stone remade Mega Force with Puppets. Here. Fuck, yeah!
1:07:13 Ralph gets rickrolled again.
1:07:30 Freddie Mercury cast on TV show Bones. No, a movie on the history of Queen has been announced, with Sacha Baron Cohen.
1:08:20 Kevin would like to play "Gay? Or Dead?"
1:10:00 Kevin is unimpressed with Frost/Nixon.
1:10:50 Aretha Franklin would like Halle Berry to play her in her upcoming biopic.
1:12:05 Quote: "Halle is going to have to eat Precious!" to be accurate for the part.
1:13:10 Al Pacino and Robert deNiro are going to work together on a new Martin Scorsese movie.
1:13:25 **first appearance** Al Pacino, Ralph and Al working together on Two for the Money.
1:16:50 Sexy Sesame Street Costumes.
1:18:55 Gay Bert and Ernie is mentioned.
1:19:10 New Movies: Easy A, The Town.
1:21:00 Blake Lively was the surprise performance of The Town.
1:22:08 Red State casting news: John Goodman. (Hollywood Helper John Gersch).
1:24:15 Ralph worked with Al Pacino on Two for the Money.
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