Hollywood Babble-On 6: Tower of Babble.

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin see stars upon thars."
Runtime: 1:18:23
Recorded Sat, 25th Sept. 2010
Released Mon, 27th Sept. 2010 

0:00 Intro by Matt Cohen.

0:28 Kevin is stoned an wearing sunglasses. Kindle Vs. iPad is discussed.
1:35 Quote: "Vagina app."
2:10 A number of news agencies reported on the Red State casting news; John Goodman, and claimed that Hollywood Babble-On is Ralph's show.
5:30 Kevin makes an obscure reference, and Ralph calls him on it. Kevin attacks Ralph.
5:58 Hollywood Babble-On Special Guest: Kevin Smith!
6:40 Kevin went to a Breakfast Club 25th Anniversary screening, as John Hughes had died 12 months previously.
8:10 Quote: "No Emilio."
11:35 Kevin met John Hughes' wife. Conversation ends up with Kevin crying.
14:20 John Hughes planted 500,000 trees and 400,000 shrubs.
16:00 Kevin bums out Anthony Michael Hall for the rest of the evening.
18:40 Kevin freaked out Molly Ringwald with a masturbation question.
22:10 Quote: "What was the last movie you directed, motherfucker?"
22:25 Sirius XM has picked up SModcast. (Scott Mosier's SModcast).
24:30 New approach to the Box Office numbers.
25:25 Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps is #1. The Town is #2. Legends of the Guardians is #3. Easy A #4. #5 You Again.
27:45 **first appearance** Legends of the Guardians: Ga'Hoole. (AKA: That fuckin' Owl movie.)
31.35 Quote: "Wow, you just chilled the room ..."
33:30 Hollywood Helper: Audience member armed with facts.
35:15 **first appearance** Emma Stone. (Cast as Mary Jane in the new Spider-Man movie).
36:20 **first appearance** Hollywood Doom Prediction: Green Hornet. Ralph says if it recoups it's money, he will take it back. It ended up doubling it's gross.
38:50 Lindsay Lohan news: $300,000 bail for failing drug test. Caught on camera allegedly injecting heroin.
43:40 Katy Perry and Elmo video pulled from Sesame Street.
46:35 Quote "My kid wants milk, now!"
50:10 Kelly McGillis marries girlfriend Melanie Leis at Collingswood, NJ.
52:00 Antoine Dodson in the news, and interview remix. Check links here. Buys new house with royalties.
56:45 Alexander Skarsgaard and Kate Bosworth have split.
1:00:00 American Idol new Judges. Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson. Ralph educates Kevin on Randy Jackson. Ojani Noa tries to audition on American Idol.
1:01:22 Quote: "Freddy Jackson."
1:04:20 Quote: "Did you eat a bale of weed?!"
1:08:00 Quote: "It would have been more effective if we didn't do 40 minutes on Randy Jackson."
1:08:20 Smallville news: Season 10 debut. Teri Hatcher cast as Lois Lane's mom.
1:09:50 Celebrity sex: Jwoww offered $400,000 to pose nude in Playboy. 
1:12:55 Quote: "I'm sorry, Captain Future!" "Don't worry, Private Past!"
1:13:13 Jodie Foster defends Mel Gibson on the set of The Beaver. Sidney White comparison.
1:15:30 Mel Gibson impression.
1:16:00 Blind director Joseph Monks needs $5,000 to finish The Bunker. Kevin says he will give him it.