Hollywood Babble-On 41

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin sell out."
Runtime: 1:28:12
Recorded Fri, 8th July 2011
Released Mon, 11th July 2011

0:00 SModCo ads.

2:56 Intro by Kyle Hebert.
3:50 Tonight's show is completely sold out.
4:08 Shout-outs: Management asks that patrons refrain from showing their penises. HBO is OK with it.
5:20 Paul Durell blows out my earphones with his shout. Wife Denise has the hots for Ralph.
6:30 Quote: "Friday three-way!"
7:25 Nick and Eddie would like a Liam Neeson's Cock joke as Ed Wynn. Request granted at end of show.
8:20 Melissa from Knoxville is a no-show.
8:40 John from Melbourne, Australia, tries to solicit the waitress in a threesome with the waitress, Ashleigh. Ashleigh unsupportive.
10:25 Safe words: Ralph - "Liver." Kevin - "Kangaroo."
11:00 **first appearance** Digeridoo/Vibrator.
11:15 Email bag: Derek is found looking at Liam Neeson's cock on his computer.
12:30 Matt uses Ralph to tell his buddy Wiggo that he gave Linda a pearl necklace.
13:15 Dudley Moore tells you that you have cancer.
15:00 Marcus Knutson made HBO beadwork. Zoom.
16:00 Raul suggests a new segment where movies are described in detail.
16:50 Ralph was on SModCast SMorning, away from Hollywood Babble-On. Episode here.
17:45 Craig enjoyed the Total Recall skit, and made a film, Babble Recall.
19:00 Nick accidently emails HBO.
19:30 Tinseltown Stiffs: Anna MasseyPeeping Tom clip.
22:40 Hollywood Helpers: U2 in Nashville.
26:30 Quote. "Now you know what the Africans feel like!"
26:40 Shit That Should Not Be: (Teen Wolf clip has been debunked). Raiders of the Lost Ark; Belloq eats a fly.
27:40 **first appearance** Brandon Marshott (?)'s Shit That Should Not Be Theme.
30:15 New Releases: Zookeeper, Project Nim (trailer), Horrible Bosses,
32:30 Chimps sucking on boobs.
34:35 Ralph calls bullshit on talking animals.
35:00 Kevin is often mistaken for Kevin James.
35:50 Natalie Portman's son is called Aleph.
37:15 The Situation has left The Jersey Shore.
38:20 **first appearance** The double-tap.
38:50 Daniel Radcliffe drinking problems.
40:55 Paris Hilton stalker.
42:00 Dina Lohan wants to be on Dancing With the Stars.
43:00 Charlie Sheen will have a Comedy Central Roast. Charlie is in the audience. Working on an Anger Management TV series.
44:44 Angry Birds: The Movie announced + it's respective bullshit. Birds described.
47:25 Quote: "The Kevin Smith of Angry Birds."
47:45 Kevin throws out a throwback rap, and no-one knows what it is.
47:50 Rosie Huntington-Whitely says no to new Transformers. Drinking.
48:50 Kevin and Ralph's audio which made this video: Transformers; Directed by Kevin Smith. Kevin is hurt.
51:19 Kevin taunts Ralph about Emma Stone dating James Garfield. She says her female crush is Christina Hendricks. Ralph is hosting The Amazing Spider-Man panel at Comic-Con.
54:19 Quote: "Scrawny Brit."
54:30 Kevin quizzes Ralph on his sexual performance.
55:07 Quote: "Holy Cornhole!"
55:10 Johnny Depp to star in Pirates of the Caribbean 5. Earned $350m personally from the last movie. Kevin defends.
57:55 Highest paid actresses.
59:20 Quote: "Ferris Bueller gets off ... all over your face."
1:00:58 Bridesmaids surpasses the Sex and the City at the overall box office.
1:01:30 Bret Michaels clothesline.
1:04:00 Quote: "BAM!"
1:04:20 Katy Perry regularly flies out her cats on tour.
1:05:15 Prince's Hop Farm performance. Kevin on Prince.
1:07:00 The Hoff will appear on Sons Of Anarchy. HoffsicleThe Hoff in Covent Garden.
1:09:15 Chelsea Handler's TV show in trouble. Kevin defends.
1:10:20 Kevin speaks about Reaper.
1:11:30 Sean Connery poses for painters. 1 and 2.
1:13:13 Geek News: Adam West to appear in the Dark Knight Rises?! Nope.
1:15:20 Batman Year One to be released in November, with Catwoman.
1:16:20 Batman Live show clip on-line. Ralph is scared. Kevin will go.
1:18:50 There will be a Thor sequel. Kevin is a fan.
1:19:20 Quote: "I'd take mjolnir in the mouth."
1:19:40 Captain America will have a different name overseas. 1990 Captain America DVD release.
1:21:50 Kevin recalls waiting for comic book movies as a younger man.
1:22:30 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.