Hollywood Babble-On 40

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin get a Shout-Out theme song."
Runtime: 1:31:27
Recorded Sat, 2nd July 2011
Released Mon, 4th July 2011

0:00 SModCo ads.

0:58 Intro by Kyle Hebert.
1:45 Next week recording on Friday.
2:10 Shout-out theme over. Anonymous send in an entry which freaked out Kevin, and in turn, Ralph.
3:40 David Severson sent in an entry.
4:20 James Thompson from Manchester, England wins the contest!
5:00 Saul Good sent in an Australian shout-out theme.
5:30 Ricky Marlin sent in an entry. Kevin likes the cock-entry.
6:15 Justin and Dee sent in.
6:50 The Great Dan Louisell sent in a shout-out entry. Cock Vs. Anal contest.
9:10 Jane from Seattle, WA, gets her fidelity questioned, over her friend, Pete.
12:10 Derek and Debbie celebrate Derek's 38th birthday.
13:45 Kevin, Jen, Alex and Rene celebrate Alex and Rene's first anniversary. Ralph judges how long they will last. Ralph guesses 17 months.
15:20 Simon and Kayleigh Butler from Rochdale, England celebrating their honeymoon. Shatner gives marital advice.
16:30 John from Australia is working in LA to edit a movie. Manhood questioned.
17:40 Logan from Canada brings a gift.
19:00 Sean and wife are expecting. Ed Wynn Gnome Mobile shout-out. (Unable to locate video). Ralph takes a couple of shots.
21:05 Quote: "Smoooothe!"
21:40 Kate and Samantha from Akron, Colorado. Kate is scared of anal.
22:30 Email bag: Kenny Stevens from Sandwich IL, asks for HBO to visit his hometown. Future dates plug.
23:40 Craig asks for a Jersey Girl remake featuring the cast of the Jersey Shore. T-shirt.
24:30 Transformers 3-chat. (Unable to locate video).
27:00 Tinseltown Stiffs: Elaine StewartLife cover
30:41 Shit That Should Not Be: Teen Wolf. Video. Edelweiss gets rocked.
31:20 Unused Shit That Should Not Be theme.
34:50 *Spoiler alert*
36:30 HBO Headlines: Shia LeBeouf quits Transformers. Shia-chat. Ford blasts LeBeouf.
41:00 Arnie getting divorced. Total Recall scream.
42:15 Salma Hayek's questionable husband.
43:30 Lindsay Lohan birthday, anklet removed.
44:40 Miley Cyrus with fan in Australia.
46:15 Tracy Morgan offends the special needs community.
49:10 Charlie Sheen now alone; killed off on 2.5 Men. Planning new show. Denise Richards adopted a baby girl.
51:45 Quote: "Dad's lost his watch again."
52:20 Hugh Hefner has a new girlfriend.
53:40 KSL TV removes Playboy club in Salt Lake City.
55:05 Florence Henderson admits that she had an affair with NYC mayor, and got crabs. Crab-education.
57:10 Kim Catrall's screamed at neighbors. Kevin defends Sex and the City, as much as he could. There will be a prequel. Various Sex and the City-chat.
1:00:25 Ralph makes the ever-funny Sarah Jessica Parker horse joke.
1:01:05 Jonathan Rhys Meyers overdosed.
1:02:15 Chris Hansen caught cheating on his wife. Ralph is not a fan. Explanation of why.
1:03:40 Quote: "Anyone who stops me having sex with 14 year-old's is a prick!"
1:05:35 Kristyn Cadell video.
1:06:00 The Chipmunks are suing over inferior album.
1:07:00 Smurfette in Harper's Bazaar.
1:08:00 Michael Jackson's Thriller jacket bought. Randy Jackson tweets something strange.
1:10:00 Justin Timberlake buys MySpace.
1:12:00 Michelle Bachmann uses Tom Petty's music without permission. Tom Petty song title roulette. Then Walking On Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves, without permission. Warners offer Patsy Cline's Crazy. Messes up her Iowa towns regarding John Wayne.
1:16:10 Chuck Berry getting a statueSex scandal.
1:17:20 Quote: "Johnny P. Goode."
1:17:45 Geek News: Green Lantern sequel planned. Green Lantern box office. Pirates-chat.
1:20:00 Wonder Woman cast in the GI Joe sequel as Lady JayeWonder Woman trailer. Kevin asks to see the pilot.
1:22:05 There will be a movie about the life of Rod Sirling. Twilight Zone recommended.
1:23:52 Travis sends in The Plaid Jackets - Adam West is Batman.
1:24:40 Brian Vannlooks thinks he is Batman.
1:26:05 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.