Hollywood Babble-On 39

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph welcomes guest host Kevin Smith."
Runtime: 1:49:47
Recorded Sat, 25th June 2011
Released Mon, 27th June 2011

Special Guest: Kevin Smith.

0:00 SModCo ads.
0:58 Intro by Kyle Hebert.
2:00 Kevin had a piña colada and has developed a taste for it.
2:35 HBO will be playing at The House of Blues for Comic-Con, and Las Vegas in August, and some Texas dates.
3:50 Hollywood Babble-On t-shirts, available for the first time with Garmy t-shirts. Michael Waite's Mumble of Doom.
5:00 Shout-outs: Christina and Nate celebrate Father's Day.
6:50 Kevin takes note of "Life is for the living!"
7:25 Cynthia, Sal and John have been to HBO several times; Kevin has never been there. John is the Bi Ling Fan Club President.
8:48 Martin and Sandra from Stockhom, Sweden, ask for the McDonalds Fries Girl. Ralph retired the voice as it upsets a lot of people. Gets the green light.
11:12 McDonalds Fries Girl.
12:14 Tara from Reading, CA, goes to HBO alone. Invited onto the stage to sit with Ralph and Kevin. Asks for a shout out to roller derby team. Gets a photo for FaceBook.
13:40 Quote: "We can have food up here?!"
15:20 Alan and Richard from Glasgow. Sean Connery ridicules their friend, Scott.
16:57 Heather and Rojelio (intern at KROQ, gave Kevin a cookie at the mall), Rohypnol gets a birthday shoutout.
18:00 Nick and Andy bring Jonnie from Alaska and get a Peter Lorre shout-out. 
18:45 HBO Drinking Game: Section 8675309: Compulsory Birthday Shot.
19:35 Quote: "Fuck your shot; sit down!"
19:50 JD's Fiancée writes in. Al Pacino defends.
21:20 Quote: "Anal with a hooker. No Condom. Male Hooker - you take it! Life is for the living!"
21:45 Kevin solicits Tara.
22:30 Harry Potter reference.
22:40 Request for shout-out theme.
23:00 Email bag: Lance Corporal Ryan thanks Ralph and Kevin.
24:00 Eugene writes in with Clerks Lego.
24:45 Dave asks for a Lady Gaga/Ed Wynn shout out. Kevin wonders how Ralph knows that song.
25:55 Home solar panels. Mr. Sparkle reference.
27:00 Ralph and Nick 'Turd,' Bergelin take their shot. 
28:15 Ilene from Norway will arrive in 2014, demands shout-out then. Cheap shot on Kevin.
29:20 SModCastle closing, opening on the third floor at the Lovitz. One year anniversary penned in for the old SModCastle.
30:20 Seff writes in with the Harry Potter footprints.
32:20 **first appearance** Kevin titles segment Hollywood Babble-On: Shit That Should Not Be!
32:30 Planned movie about HBO. Ad 1, ad 2 and movie part 1, part 2.
34:45 Jason sent in Darth Vader dancing to MC Hammer.
36:30 Tinseltown Stiffs: Ryan Dunn and Zachary HartwellWBC protest.
38:40 Tinseltown Stiff: Larry 'the Wild Man' FischerMerry Go Round.
40:20 Tinseltown Stiff: Gene Colan. Iron Man #1.
41:20 Tinseltown Stiff: Lew Sayre SchwartzBatman.
42:00 Tinseltown Stiff: Peter Falk. Clip of The In-Laws shown.
45:05 HBO Headlines: Michael Jackson dead for 2 years, today.
46:30 Lindsay Lohan failed alcohol test. Judge annoyed by parties at her house. Matt Lauer interview declined. Filmed commercial for beezid.com, which Ralph trashes. Kevin informs that Beezid is a potential SMod advertiser. Kevin promises to leave it in.
51:20 Megan Fox fired by Spielberg from Transformers.
52:45 Kim Kardashian x-rays her ass. Ralph does a great Kim Jong-Il.
53:45 Quote: "Real Armenian meat."
55:20 Tone Loc hits that shit. Beezid File joke.
57:00 Quotes: "Why don't you just make it 40 billion dollars," "Tone Broke her nose."
57:50 Mariah Carey shopping photos of kids.
59:40 Teenage girls steal Justin Bieber's underwear. Burning his underwear after single use.
1:01:31 Jennifer Lopez wardrobe malfunction. Close-up.
1:03:40 Marilyn Monroe dress auction.
1:07:25 There are still Glee fans. Ralph's not so much a fan anymore. Glee news. No-one cares.
1:08:20 Jeff Cohen insists Jeff Conaway committed suicide.
1:09:50 Daniel Craig marries Rachel Weiss. Ralph reminds us of his Edelweiss performance.
1:11:40 Camille angry at Kelsey Grammer email.
1:13:15 George Clooney single again.
1:14:30 Hugh Hefner dating again. Ex tries to sell ring. (Update: Sold for half price).
1:17:50 **first appearance** Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchinson (pic).
1:20:00 Quote: "She can sing about how she loves her grandfather ..." Don't Put It On Me.
1:22:25 Oscar voting; new members invited.
1:23:30 Russell Brand is a member. As is Beyonce Knowles. Shout-out to Brad Williams.
1:27:40 **first appearance** Adam West's Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Support cause here.
1:31:10 Ralph on Burt Ward.
1:31:45 Amy Winehouse drunk. Videos.
1:34:00 Quote: "She will be missed!"
1:35:55 McDonalds Fries Girl Amy Winehouse impression.
1:36:30 Superman casting news.
1:38:22 Ewok on indecency charge.
1:39:30 Quote: "The Hi-Ho!"
1:41:40 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.