Hollywood Babble-On 38

Episode: Link.
Comments: "The lovely and talented Catherine Reitman joins The Garmy as Ralph's guest co-host!"
Runtime: 1:11:45
Recorded Sat, 18th June 2011
Released Mon, 20th June 2011

Sponsor: ManGrate.

Special Guest: Catherine Reitman.

0:00 SModCo ads.
0:40 Intro by Kyle Hebert.
1:19 Ralph introduces Catherine's show, Breakin' It Down!
3:20 Shout-outs: Vlad, RJ and RJ on bachelor party. Motorboatin'. Sean shouts-out Queenie. 
4:50 Quote. "You look like you got an ass on ya!"
5:50 Gabe is at The Lovitz, with his brother.
6:20 Eagles Fight Song as Ed Wynn. Movie Poster.
7:35 John Welgosh from Scranton, PA. Bono impression.
8:40 Ryan P from Delaware asks Ralph to berate his friend, Joe. Joe emails in.
9:30 Quote: "That is straight-up gay!"
10:01 Matthew and Lannie no-show.
10:34 James and Amy get on-stage. James proposes to Amy. She says yes! Score 1: James! Ralph buys a round of drinks. Kevin is an Ordained Minister.
13:50 Hollywood Helpers: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie donate cash.
15:15 Tinseltown Stiffs: Clarence ClemonsBorn To Run.
16:50 Tinseltown Stiff: Laura Ziskin.
17:20 Tinseltown Stiff: Seth PutnamI sold your dog to a Chinese restaurant.
19:00 "It reminds me of my first period."
19:15 New Releases: The Art of Getting ByMr. Poppers Penguins and Green Lantern.
19:35 Catherine defends The Art of Getting By.
21:50 Quote: "I went home and masturbated so feverishly ..."
22:00 Ralph's Twitter avatars. RalphGreen Lantern Ralph and Captain America Ralph.
22:30 Crystal Harris cancelled her engagement to Hugh Hefner. Club Queen. It revitalizes Catherine. Funny or Die video. Engagement theory. 
22:45 Quote: "The Turtle."
27:45 Megan Fox marriage news.
28:20 Tony award trophies.
29:30 Quotes: "Hilaria," "Ankles for earrings."
30:00 Natalie Portman gives birth. Catherine debunks several jewish myths.
31:15 Tori Spelling in a car crash.
32:48 Arnie kid news.
35:25 Taylor Momsen flashes Download Festival.
37:50 Tracy Morgan now likes the gays and undertakes damage control.
39:40 Lindsay Lohan struggling with house arrest ... lives in the same building as Catherine Reitman. BBQ.
41:10 Jennifer Lopez unsure to return to American Idol. Ralph speaks Spanish.
42:05 Joss Stone caught up in murder plot.
43:40 Game of Thrones is a man's man.
45:20 Quote: "Don't avoid the hair."
45:25 Gary Busey fired from a movie.
46:00 Kim Kardashian Wedding Gift List. Khloe takes a thorough reaming. Monkeys.
47:25 Quote: "Her huge dick!"
49:05 Denise Richards writing a tell-all book on Charlie Sheen.
50:25 Go The Fuck To Sleep debuts at #1 on the NY Times bestseller list. Samuel L. Jackson to read the audiobook
53:00 Breakin' It Down gets a plug. Friday by Rebecca Black removed from YouTube.
54:15 LaToya Jackson written a book; Starting Over.
55:20 Christina Aguilera and her helpers.
56:50 Lady GaGa's meat dress on show.
57:20 Geek News: Russel Crowe will be in the new Superman.
58:15 Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark finally opens. Liam Neeson. Reviews unfavorable. Spider-Monster.
1:00:35 Liam Neeson is in The Dark Knight Rises.
1:01:35 Batman Live batmobileThe classic.
1:02:30 Parody Porn: The Hulk. Screenshot.
1:03:35 Quotes: "Of course ..." "Hulk Smash! Your vagina!" "He's got a black dick?!"
1:04:45 Liam Neeson Cock jokes.