Hollywood Babble-On 37

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and guest co-host, Jon Lovitz, once again do battle on the field of Babble."
Runtime: 1:20:31
Recorded Sat, 11th June 2011
Released Mon, 13th June 2011

Sponsor: ManGrate.

Special Guest: Jon Lovitz.

0:00 SModCo ads.
0:58 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

1:48 Quote: "Where are my chicken wings?!"
2:50 ManGrate Plug.
3:40 Tommy Flanagan plugs the Mangrate. Ralph and Jon argue over the schematics of the ManGrate.
5:35 Shout-outs: Wesley, Griselda and Glenn from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Wesley refuses to lie.
6:45 Ralph confuses Jon with a french class. Donald Trump shout-out.
7:50 Who I Know: Donald Trump, Chelsea Handler, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Estelle Getty, Otto Jasperson, J.J. Abrams, Steven Spielberg, Noah Emerick, Elle Fanning, Sean Penn, John Stamos, The Kardashians, Lindsay Lohan, Dr. Drew, The Rock (Southland Tales!),
8:55 Chris and Christina celebrate first anniversary. Chris would let Sean suck his dick.
10:30 Bobby and Laura Han Solo asks C3PO for anal.
11:20 Quote: "Exhaust port."
11:35 Email bag: Rogers Ralph Garman consideration ad.
12:45 Quote: "Look at your tits!"
12:50 Joe, Palm Springs was supposed to come. Mother didn't want to.
13:00 Quote: "Fuck you, lady!"
13:35 Jon explains meeting Ralph and Kevin and his own podcast; The ABC's of SNL.
15:00 SMonkeyBoy sends in Chelsea Handler comparison pictures.
15:40 Quote. "She stinks!"
16:40 David in Netherlands wants HBO. HBO in Vegas playing the Hard Rock Cafe, in August.
18:00 London stained glassClose-up.
19:00 Chuck sends in a Shit That Should Not Be: Han Solo Boob Grab.
20:25 Jon praises Ralph in Red State, and his acting.
21:00 Tinseltown Stiffs: Roy Skelton.
21:40 Tinseltown Stiff: Andrew Gold.
22:50 Quote: "You son of a ..."
22:55 Tinseltown Stiff: Leonard Stern.
23:31 Ralph, Jon and the audience create a Mad Lib.
26:00 Quote: "Tartlette's."
26:40 Bob Saggett-chat.
27:20 The Mad Lib.
28:40 New Releases: Troll HunterThe Trip and Super 8.
30:30 Quote: "Sarah Palin-esque."
31:15 HBO Headlines: Tracy Morgan in the news because of his homophobic rant.
33:40 Chicken Wings arrive.
35:10 Russell Crowe makes various anti-circumcision tweets. Jon educates on circumcision.
37:20 Quote: "Smegma."
37:35 Arnie's antics.
39:50 Jon and Ralph are going to make a podcast together on the SModCast Network. "Lovitz or Leavitz."
40:25 John Stamos in the news.
40:40 Jon's birthday gag.
42:30 Kim Kardashian is getting married. In talks with E! Jon defends.
43:50 Quote. "She's have to put on 40lbs and a grow a cock."
44:10 Justin Bieber in the news. Ralph and Jon on Canada.
45:35 Emma StoneShoot.
48:00 New season of Celebrity Rehab and contestants. Jon's (lengthy) Bi Ling impression.
52:15 Moby was electricuted. Video. (Warning: kind of weird.)
53:15 Rocky musical.
56:05 Ralph contemplates apologizing to Rebecca Black. Tonje Langeteig - I Don't Wanna be a Crappy Housewife. Worst song ever.
59:00 Geek News: New Superman costume. Black Batman. New Who. New GI Joe movie (The Rock as Roadblock).
1:00:20 Jon on childhood toys.
1:02:10 Quote: "Blamoan."
1:02:20 Anne Hathaway injured a stuntman filming Batman 3. Jon on Adam West.
1:04:45 Foreskin Man. 123 and 4. Jon explains. Various foreskin-chat.
1:10:20 Liam Neeson's cock jokes. Read by Ralph and Jon alternatively.