Hollywood Babble-On 36

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin examine a child's strange behavior in BACK TO THE FUTURE 3."
Runtime: 1:26:55
Recorded Sat, 4th June 2011
Released Mon, 6
th June 2011

Sponsor: ManGrate.

0:00 SModCo ads.

0:58 Intro by Kyle Hebert.
1:45 Star Wars event at the Hollywood Bowl.
3:20 ManGrate plug.
4:50 ManGrate Theatre: Indiana Jones and the Penitent ManGrate.
7:35 Shout-outs: Arthur and Maddison come 2 weeks after their anniversary.
9:00 Anthony from NJ wanted a Garmy t-shirt.
10:00 Bill and Sue from NJ celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. Ralph discusses Jersey drivers.
11:40 Gil and Dawn celebrate 15 years together.
12:00 Quote: "Analversary."
12:11 John and Cynthia no-show, but asks about Kevin's first blow job experience.
12:30 Kevin blows himself.
14:20 Freddie and Laura from Mexico en la casa.
14:40 Josh and Amber from Guam.
15:20 More applause for Bill and Sue.
16:30 Email bag: Chris Leland's son was listening to the show.
18:10 Anonymous is hitch-hiking to The Lovitz as Frank Garman.
18:40 Babble-On desk.
19:55 Katie let's Davis have the balloon knot via Ozzy Osbourne. Advice from Kevin, and further suggestion from Ralph.
22:30 Eddie from Bolivia writes in.
23:09 Quote: "Fuckin' Borat wrote in!" and high 5!
24:40 **first appearance** Shit That Should Not Be (Sector not named yet). Back To The Future III. Kevin offers explanation.
28:35: Tinseltown Stiffs: Wally Boag. Influenced Steve Martin.
30:45 Tinseltown Stiff: Jack Kevorkian.
31:10 Quote: "Big bucket of Death!"
31:15 Tinseltown Stiff: Clarice Taylor.
32:00 Tinseltown Stiff: James Arness. (Letter to fans).
32:55 Leslie Neilsen's gravestone.
36:00 Hollywood Helper: Bono and Brule.
38:00 **first appearance** Ralph as Bono.
39:00 New releases: Beautiful BoyBeginnersLove, Wedding, Marriage and X-Men: First Class.
39:27 Quote: "His name was Robert Paulsen."
40:10 Ralph has been in Boston filming Ted, this week, and he has ... lines!
42:05 Quote: "Too fat to film!"
42:45 Headlines: Not-Blake Lively nude photos.
47:55 Lindsay Lohan's tag replaced.
48:40 Snooki hit a police car in Italy. Comedy gag.
49:00 Whitney Houston needs more rehab.
49:35 Amy Winehouse out of rehab.
49:50 Naomi Campbell says Cadbury's is racist.
51:20 DJ James shoots Cadbury's. Racism discussed.
52:45 The Smurfs are racistVideo.
54:25 Justin Bieber has 10,000,000 followers on Twitter. #Cock
55:10 Selena Gomez gets death threats, again.
57:30 Showbiz and Crime: The Town; Life imitates art.
59:00 Jamie Kennedy handcuffed after fight.
1:00:00 Steve Martin victim of forgery; Landscape with Horses. The Forgery.
1:02:08 Estella Warren escaped punishment.
1:02:50 Emma Stone redhead again. Kevin away for following two weeks(Guest hosts: Jon Lovitz and Catherine Reitman).
1:04:20 Ellen Barkin and Sam Levinson. Ralph puts forward Harley and Mewes.
1:06:10 Alec Baldwin and new girlfriend. Ralph on Mexico.
1:07:40 Scarlet Johanssen finished with Sean Penn.
1:08:35 Chris Martin wants a tutor for his kids. The Latin language is discussed.
1:10:50 Talentless Cunt Update: Roseanne to star in series. Kevin threatens to walk off, and explains Roseanne. New Yorker Article.
1:15:00 Chelsea may be leaving Chelsea Lately. Hamptons. Party.
1:16:45 Quote. "She's my Luthor, but I'm not her Superman."
1:16:55 Jane Lynch to host the Emmys.
1:17:40 Jimmy Kimmel and Pee-Wee Herman spoof Melissa Leo ads.
1:18:40 Geek News: Dark Knight Rises video not real.
1:20:30 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.