Hollywood Babble-On 33

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin start selling ManGrate... but still, woman grater."
Runtime: 1:22:47
Recorded Sat, 14th May 2011
Released Mon, 16th May 2011

Intro by Kyle Hebert.

0:58 Hollywood Babble-On has a sponsor: Man Grate. Professor Thaddeus T. Marinade promotes.
3:25 Quote: "Sorry, the teeth are loose!"
6:15 Ralph returns.
6:55 Shout-outs: Andrew and Mike celebrate Mike's birthday.
8:00 Ulysses brings an unknowing Missy to the Lovitz.
8:45 Quote: "Fuck Ulysses ... pull the trigger!"
10:35 Quote: "Five-knuckle pie!"
10:55 Chelsea and Kyle get an Arnie impression.
12:20 Debbie and Derek Bowman celebrate 4 years of marriage.
13:00 Gabriel Martinez and his brother celebrate the big 37. Peter Lorre and Charlton Heston conversation.
16:00 Emilia and Nick arrived from Sydney, celebrating anniversary.
16:23 **first appearance** "Oi!"
17:10 Quote: "I can go my whole life without seeing that again ..."
17:30 Nick donates $200 to charity for an Al Pacino impression.
19:20 Kevin calls out Wynsdey.
20:25 Email bag: Gabe put Ralph and Kevin in The A-Team.
21:15 Spoken word version of Friday by William Shatner.
22:10 Special HBO Sandwich.
22:55 Luigi from Pennsylvania explains HBO eccoutrements to his mother. Kevin ponders the name.
24:05 Dustin wonders about Kevin hitting people with chairs. (Unable to locate video).
25:10 Tinseltown Stiffs: Dana Wynter.
27:25 New Releases: Everything Must GoPriestBridesmaids.
29:40 Ralph worked with Kristin Wiig on The Joe Schmoe Show.
29:10 Charlie Sheen replacement news. Ashton Kutcher gets the job. Charlie responds. Denise Richards has been writing a book.
32:10 Marlee Matlin owes $50,000 in unpaid taxes. Kevin is a fan.
33:50 Quote: "Taxes?! I thought you said 'Texas!'"
35:40 Lindsay Lohan pleads no contest for the necklace. Will be home-prisonned.
37:19 Andy Dick is being sued.
40:00 Arnold and Marie Shriver are to divorce.
41:20 Pippa Middleton looks like Kiera Knightley's stunt double. Vivid offer.
45:05 Alicia Silverstone names new son Bear Blu. Bear-chat.
46:50 Bristol Palin denies having cosmetic surgery. Has reality show. (Ugh). As is Kevin Federline.
48:25 Quote: "K-fert."
49:05 The Confrontation is upset with The Situation. Video.
51:00 Justin Bieber is a douche.
51:55 Whitney Houston returns to rehab. Live fail.
53:00 Matthew Perry in rehab. "It's hard to be Matthew Perry."
53:30 Quote: "Stop saying that shit."
54:10 Cancelled shows: Mr. Sunshine. V. No Ordinary Family. Brothers and Sisters. Off the Map. Better With You. Detroit 187, Human Target, Lie To Me, The Chicago Code, Traffic Light, Breaking In.
55:15 Coming Back; Charlies Angels, Tim Allen's new sitcom.
55:50 Victoria's Secret: What is Sexy 2011? Actresses: Emma Stone, Mila Kunis, Sofia Vergara and;
58:45 This cunt. Close-up. Talentless Cunt Update. Chelsea is performing at The Pantages Theatre tonight. The lies of Chelsea Handler. 2 A.M. Crack Ho.
1:02:10 Geek News: Wonder Woman has not been optioned.
1:03:34 Batman arrested in Michigan. Source. Editors note: This guy has been rearrested again tonight as I transcribe this. See here.
1:07:10 Batman gets his ass kicked in Las Vegas.
1:09:20 Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake.
1:09:45 Thor-in-3D-chat. Ralph and Kevin liked. Lovitz as Thor.
1:11:20 Quote: "Asgard! Thank you!"
1:11:30 New Tarzan movie. No-one cares. Ralph freaks out.
1:13:12 Ralph and Kevin kiss.
1:13:15 Will Smith's tractor trailer annoys New York.
1:16:00 Liam Neeson's cock jokes.