Hollywood Babble-On 34

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin are trapped on the Planet of the (Man)Grates!"
Runtime: 1:29:55
Recorded Sat, 21st May 2011
Released Mon, 23rd May 2011

Sponsor: ManGrate.

0:00 Poddammit ad.
1:21 Intro by Kyle Hebert
1:50 The rapture never happened.
3:30 ManGrate-chat.
4:45 **first appearance** ManGrate dropped on the table.
6:00 ManGrate Theatre: Chuck Heston in Planet of the Grates.
8:50 Kevin talks about Poddammit - Hollywood Babble-On Comic-Con Theatre, The ABC's of SNL. The Lovitz will be then known as The Jon Lovitz Podcast Theatre, and will become Kevin's base for SModCo.
12:00 Shout-outs: Brandon et al celebrate a bachelors party. Ralph buys a round of kamikaze's.
14:10 Brett and Ian from Melbourne, Australia. Brett is partly deaf and will put in a good word for Ralph. Post-stroke Dick Clark.
16:00 Quote. "As we say in America: weeeel. Come!"
16:05 Kelly and Ken get a Jerry Lewis shout out.
17:20 Liam, Steve, James and Michaela celebrate Liam's 21st birthday. Harrison Ford before the apocalype.
17:55 **first appearance** Harrison Ford as the penitent man.
19:10 Melanie has Nathan in the friendzone. Tries to convince Melanie to do cocaine.
21:47 Quote: "I fuckin' miss cocaine so much ..."
22:00 Matt, Shaun and TJ from St Louis, MO. celebrate Matt opening a history shop.
23:20 Ulysses' friend Ezekiel at The Lovitz, with Jasmine. Would like Friday as Rebecca Black.
25:30 Email bag: Adam sent in this video.
26:55 SIR shout out. Brad from Australia asks for a Sean Connery shout out.
27:30 Andrew Howard drew this.
18:00 Matt from St. Augustine, FL asks about HBO merch. Garmy shirts next week.
29:15 Marcos wants the Superman theme at his upcoming wedding. Ralph had this.
31:30 Josh West writes in brother Nick, for a kidney transplant.
33:20 Tinseltown Stiffs: Mary Murphy.
34:58 Quote: "Is it wrong to get an erection over dead women?"
35:25 Tinseltown Stiff: Barbara Stuart.
37:11 Tinseltown Stiff: Bill Hunter.
38:05 Tinseltown Stiff: 'Macho man' Randy Savage.
39:47 Quote: "Snap into a tree!" Ralph and Kevin equally repulsed/impressed.
40:50 Quote: "Not my cup of meat."
41:15 Hollywood Helper: Sandra Bullock and her adopted High School. Ralph on adoption.
44:19 Quote: "Put it where it's sandy ... take it to the beach, bitch!"
44:40 New Releases: Midnight In ParisPirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.
45:00 **first appearances** Woody Allen, Arnie banging the maid. 
46:00 Quote: "I got nicked ..."
47:35 Quote: "Orlando Bloom? She has also gone."
49:20 Arnold fathered a child with the maid. Various Arnie-chat.
55:10 Scott tweet that Maria looks like the joker.
55:30 **first appearance** Ralph as Cesar Romero.
56:30 Steven Hawking pissed off a lot of peopleBanana video.
59:30 Celebrity Sick Bay: Zsa Zsa Gabor dying; still wants baby.
1:00:40 Janice Dickinson nude again.
1:01:30 Donald Trump not running for president.
1:02:20 **first appearance** Go the Fuck to Sleep. CoverPagePDF.
1:04:35 Katy Perry is a cunt. Rider. Kevin defends. Added to the Talentless Cunt list.
1:12:30 Spider-man turn off the dark reworked.
1:14:05 Jerry Lewis off the Telethon.
1:15:20 Seth MacFarlane to produce The Flintstones.
1:16:13 Mike Connors wants some cash.
1:17:40 **first appearance** Geek news theme, by Andy in Australia.
1:17:45 Geek News: Skynet.
1:20:40 Bane. Bane hypotheticals. Kevin vamps while Ralph goes to the bathroom. (haha!)
1:23:30 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.