Hollywood Babble-On 182: Secret Origins 3

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Description: "Listen back as we bring you the beginning of some of our favorite segments and the best bits 'o Babble."
Runtime: 2:21:00
Recorded Sat, 28th Jul - 4th Aug. 2014
Released Mon, 1st Sept 2014
Show notes by @HBOhelper

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Hey Hey!

Just a quick on this week; Welcome to part 3 of the HBO Secret Origin saga. One day, my friend Scott Holden asked me to guest on his podcast, and he asked me about a part 3 of HBO: Secret Origins. I had recently asked Ralph about doing it, but both he and I had forgotten about it (One of the downsides of a busy working week).

I asked Ralph again, and the result is this week's episode. Containing the introductory segments and best bits from EP's 126-177, HBO: Secret Origins contains no material from The Lovitz. As Secret Origins 2 finished, as did Ralph and Kevin's time at The Lovitz, so this material is from The Improv and out on the road.



PS: I hope you like the merriment at the end.