Hollywood Babble-On 181: August 23, 2014

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Description: "Kevin and Ralph celebrate four years of Babble-On at The Improv in Hollywood, CA on August 23, 2014."
Runtime: 1:45:05
Recorded Sat, 23rd Aug. 2014
Released Mon, 25th Aug. 2014
Show notes by @HBOhelper

0:00 SModCo ads: DAVEschool.com squarespace.com offer code: babble

2:30 Kyle Hebert intro.

3:05 Hollywood Babble-On is 4 years old! "Failure is success training." Quick Babble-On history. "If somebody tells you 'no,' just fuck 'em." "Go hunt human beings."
8:10 #WalrusYes update. "Fat fingers." Yoga Hosers update - Johnny Depp in the cast, and origin.
13:45 Ralph explains the influence of Kevin on his life. Ralph's package. "Glue."
16:30 Shout-outs: "I don't have to do that shit anymore ... I'm working with Johnny Depp." Marty, Mika, Chris and Homer are privy to Ralph's Homer impression. "Anniversary sex." "Why are the drinks so expensive here?" "Company spirit." Al Pacino provides proof of attendance.
22:20 Justin, Aldo et al. celebrate Aldo's birthday. Aldo in Planet of the Apes discussed. Doc Brown celebrations. Sexy Kev advocates the opening of the Rusty Wagonwheel to an HBO virgin. "We did 20 minutes on fuckin' Aldo, how did you forget his name?!"
25:50 Peter from Seattle, WA attends The Improv alone. David Lynch swipes Kevin' pride.
27:35 The German's greet Laura and Pat from Louisville, KY. Pat's fan art. Dr. Josh tells Ralph his mic isn't working.
30:20 Jonathan Gil-Patrick celebrates Lizzie's birthday with David Bowie. Kevin throws his towel at Ralph.
33:30 Email bag: Carl Johnson asks for Pee Wee Herman to recite Wyatt Earp's "Hell's comin'," from Tombstone.
35:15 J. Jonah Jameson hopefulls. #14. "A sense of thank-you and fuck-you!" "Caught up in Webb." Arnold, Ed Wynne do the line. #GarmanYes
38:30 Erin sends in daughter Rowan's impressions. "Don't teach your kid my fuckin' impressions!"
39:12 Brian sends in his Affleck Super Friends art.
39:50 Arnie sings Xanadu. Skating. "Xanaduuuuuuuuuuu!"
42:50 SModCo ads: squarespace.com offer code: babble
44:48 Tinseltown Stiffs: "Kills the mood in the room for a while ..."
45:35 Tinseltown stiff: Don PardoJFK. "Double-bummer."
47:40 Tinseltown stiff: Lauren BacallWhistle.
49:35 Tinseltown stiff: Robin Williams. Kevin recounts working with Robin Williams, and memories of his own father. The Fisher King. "O Captain, my captain!"
56:00 "Let's go onto happier subjects; sick children!"
56:20 Hollywood Helpers: Chris Pratt visits the local children's hospitalJacketLego. Ralph remembers he knocked the Lego movie. Kevin likes the Lego movie.
59:35 Shit That Should Not Be: Downtown AbbeyRevealZoom. "It's all bush!" "They had vaginas back there!"
1:02:40 Exquisite Acting: Carl Lewis from Liverpool sends in EastEnders Ian Beale ... and remix
1:05:40 Kev-In: A-Kev In SanePorkins and The MatrixCopOn Films.
1:08:20 HBO Headlines: Dating Naked; "Ewww!" "Spreading and pooing." DatingNo blur. Suing VH1 for $10m. Ralph's Asshole is yours for $2m.
1:13:33 Kevin Sorbo calls Ferguson protesters Animals. "Kicked out of the Kevin Club."
1:16:05 Farrah Abraham ad. "$20."
1:18:40 Movies That Will Suck: Simon Cowell's Betty Boop. Ain'tcha. (Point Break remake mentioned). "Stripping in Austin, TX."
1:22:00 Justin Bieber "such a cunt." "Two Canada Border Agency officers ...!" $10k in backstage passes as a bribe. "Oot they went!" "Swaaag, yo!" #IceBucketChallenge .. "You wanna see me in a wet t-shirt?" 
1:28:00 William Hung She Bangs. Married.
1:29:15 Iggy Azalea FancyFalls off-stage. Ralph's Australian rap. "Not so Fancy now, are ya?!"
1:32:30 Geek News: Ant Man goes into production, first image.
1:33:20 Adrien Palicki to be Mockingbird. "Mockingjay."
1:34:45 Side-conversation: Jennifer Lawrence dating Chris Martin.
1:35:20 Action Comics #1 on eBay. Kevin wants a blowjob.
1:37:35 SpiderWoman #1 and art by Milo.
1:40:00 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.