Hollywood Babble-On 176: July 18, 2014

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Description: "Recorded LIVE at The Improv in Hollywood, CA on July 18, 2014."
Runtime: 1:33:30
Recorded Fri, 18th July 2014
Released Mon, 21st July 2014
Show notes by @HBOhelper

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1:40 Kyle Hebert intro.

2:30 TMZ journalist vid "Alright, man, fuck off!" "I'm not going to be filmed, am I?!"
8:30 HBO TV-show pilot news update. (Sat 2nd Aug, rehearsal - Kevin's birthday. Sun 3rd Aug, filming). babble(dot)tv(at)aol(dot)com with details of name, age and days available.
11:39 Shout-outs: John and Laurie Ferrero went to SModCastle, The Lovitz and the Improv. Sean Connery gives birthday celebrations (3-way) to John. "Would you do it?" "... Yes." "The Edinbrough Bridge." "Pussy Galore ... and a GoldFinger!"
15:30 James Vertevek is a no show. Arnie sings A Spoonful of Sugar.
17:10 Ian from Sherman Oaks broke Ralph's heart. "He wasn't hiking in Death Valley ..." "Fuck The Cowboys!" U-Haul truck stolen."All you cowboy hats ... all your holsters." Ralph donates t-shirts. "Who are you, Oprah?!" Ralph challenges Kevin. "Shit just got real!"
19:40 Sam from Sydney, Australia attends with two HBO virgins. Dr. Josh getting married tomorrow. Mum Paula back in Australia. "Almost all 20 people you immitate. Al Pacino shout-out. "Nobody loves Paula."
22:50 Michelle from Germany has The Germans ward off homesickness.
25:10 Kevin was recently in Switzerland and explains "Grüezi." "That's my favourite Dustin Hoffman movie!"
26:14 Brian Pedrosa, Dulcinea, forensic anthropology, and ancient Egyptian crimes. Bowie shout-out. "Everything's gonna be alright." No sexy dance.
30:30 Email bag: Pedro from Brazil, sends in a Sexetera clip.
34:00 Matt Westphalen sends in Arnie and Lou Ferrigno.
35:10 Alex in Des Moines, Iowa revelas Kevin does a Winnie The Poo impression. "O bother!" Winnie The Bane. "Hodor."
37:30 Jared from Alberta sends in Pee Wee Herman doing The Untouchables speech.
38:22 Brian Angelo sends in Joaquin Phoenix's hidden forehead face.
40:40 Tinseltown Stiffs: Elaine StritchGolden Girls audition.
44:35 Exquisite Acting: Daniel Keane in Dublin sent in Tom Cruise in Far and Away.
46:18 Shit That Should Not Be: Tron PacMan. "Fuck you, Walt Disney! And your frozen head!"
48:30 Dynamic Duets: Elliot High sends in Total Eclipse of the Heart, by Bonnie Tyler.
52:30 SModCo ads: lootcrate.com/babble/ code: babble
54:10 Kev-IN: TronDrax "Friary," and Ape-kiss. "Oh my God, dude. You look like Gene Simmons!"
57:45 HBO Headlines: Kevin Smith announces Tusk release date (9/19). The Musk of Tusk panel at SDCC, with Tusk trailer.
59:55 Ralph will moderate the DVD/blu release of Batman '66. Ralph blows Adam West. "Don't use your teeEEeeth!"
1:01:45 NBC announces Peter Pan live. Cap'n Walken. "Now I'm shitting blood!"
1:03:50 Lindsay Lohan missing rehearsals in London.
1:05:10 Ralph reveals how Monty Python was for him. Parrot.
1:07:00 American Psycho: The Musical on Broadway. Rocky dies on-stage. Sly sings! Dolph sings!
1:09:55 Kim Kardashian app is the highest rated app. "This is the endtimes!" "What does a blowjob cost?"
1:12:45 Kim Kardashian fuckwit copycat.
1:14:45 Bobby Brown quitting the New Edition reunion tour. Walkoff. "This job is poison!" Brown-jokes.
1:17:15 Nebraska kid selfie. "Does he even know who those men are?"
1:19:00 Justin Bieber: with new best buddy, Chris Brown. "These 2 pieces of shit!" West Side of Canada! Working hardPlugged in. "Porn!" Cliff diving. "OooOOOoooOOOoooh!" Wetsuit. "How soft is this pussy?!"
1:23:34 Geek News: Thor is no longer a dude. "At one point, Thor was a frog!" She-Thor.
1:25:40 Falcon Captain America. "Increase his chances of dating a Kardashian."
1:27:00 Entertainment Weekly Age of Ultron cover.
1:28:05 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.