Hollywood Babble-On 177: July 25, 2014

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Description: "Recorded LIVE during San Diego Comic Con weekend at The House Of Blues in San Diego, CA on July 25, 2014."
Runtime: 1:21:13
Recorded Fri, 25th July 2014
Released Mon, 28th July 2014
Show notes by @HBOhelper

0:00 SModCO ads: DAVEschool.com

1:40 Kyle Hebert intro.

2:50 "Christmas for geeks."
3:50 Ralph sat on the Fox Movies panal, and the Batman '66 DVD/Blu release panal.
4:25 Julie Newmar (80) hit on Ralph. Ralph's fantasies. "Full souson of Bat-cock."
6:25 Kevin brings Kevin Conroy to the stage.
7:20 Kevin explains The Wayne FoundationJamie Walton twitter. Ralph chides Kevin on his verbiage.
9:00 Kevin Conroy speech. "Do it, or I'll find you ... and I'll really fuck you up!" Bat-fucks.
10:40 Kevin's preferred Bat-voice.
11:00 Shout-outs: Laura, Jay, Monica and Julian ... Laura "34H tits," wants Jay to propose to her and Al Pacino assists.
13:30 Jamie and Matt Walters from Australia gets Diplomatic Immunity, and lots of Aussies in attendance. The German's advise on how to surviva a Hall H line.
15:22 Tom and Leanne from Ireland celebrate their anniversary. Bowie birthday wishes.
17:40 Ralph back on Julie Newmar. Ralph references the Chelsea Award. "Then sadly, Burt Ward hit on me, too."
18:30 Josh and Katt ask Kev to marry them while they are in costume. "Get me a loaf and a fish!"
Batman Cacophany cartoon. "Let me get my Jesus on!" "We are gathered here today in this franchised eatery ...!" "Salmon."
23:35 Thor told off for fidgeting with his cape. Words become reality.
24:40 Kevin marries Josh and Katt. "For anal or vaginal ...!" "I, state my name." Mjolnir used as bible. Green Lanern oath. "OK, we got a show to do .. take it outside!"
28:50 Email bag: Brian from Pacifica, CA, shows Adam West in Jaws. (Image unavailable).
30:05 Pee-Wee Herman reads Kirk's eulogy for Spock.
30:50 Winnie The Bane or Banie the Pooh.
31:30 Arnie sings: The Candy Man.
32:35 Tinseltown Stiffs: Skye Bartusiak. Kevin references Fight Club. Clip unavailable.
34:45 Tinseltown stiff: James Garner. Ralph and Kevin both fond. Polaroid clips.
37:50 Ralph reveals that he uses a line of James Garner's regarding drinking.
38:20 Shit That Should Not Be: Larry Mormon sends in Kevin Smith's Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back. "You piece of shit!" "Hell yeah!" "Affleck's here!" Video unavailable. "BRAKE glass."
41:50 Exquisite Acting: Alex sends in John Malcovic's Russian accent in Rounders. "SPIES!" Video unavailable. "Pay that myan his myoney!"
44:20 Kev-In: (Comic-con). Images unavailable. Superman. '66 Batman. "Blobin." Kev Solo.
46:20 JJ. Abrams emails Kev about releasing details of Star Wars. "He's too fat to fly!" "File it, dude!"
47:56 HBO Headlines: Kevin burps. Tusk trailer online. #WalrusYes. Trailer played.
53:30 "I don't want to die in Canada!" Casting couch.
54:30 Weird Al Yankovic at #1 on the album charts. Ralph plays Aluminum Foil. UHF porn parody on the way.
56:45 Kevin Sorbo denied a cameo in the new Hercules movie.
57:45 Bill Murray free ice-cream social.
59:00 Justin Bieber moves into a new condo. Excessive noise, Police called 6 times, in 2 days. Citizens arrest advised. Ralph packing. "We'll get him."
1:01:30 Used wheelchair to cut in line at Disneyland.
1:02:40 Will Ferrell buys the rights to Manimal.
1:04:20 Movies That Will Suck: Vin Diesel's The Last Witch-Hunter. Warner Brothers Space Invaders Movie. Clip unavailable.
1:06:10 Geek News: Ralph's Geek stats. "I like suckin' dick, too!"
1:07:45 Joaquin Phoenix in talks to play Dr. Strange.
1:08:20 Batman pics revealed. "Ludo/Batman sad!"
1:11:00 "I fuckin' betrayed you, like Lando, dude!" Dr. Josh with a well-placed baby clip. Ralph demands his wedding gift back.
1:11:45 JJ Abrams Star Wars charity. It's an X-Wing! pilot discussed. Porkins.
1:14:20 HBO announces WestWorld remake. "Rusty dick."
1:15:40 Dwayne Johnson to play a DC character, not Green Lantern. Shazam.
1:17:50 Bullfightin' Batman. Batmanuel.
1:18:10 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes. Girl Audio cut.