Hollywood Babble-On 166: May 2nd, 2014

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Description: "Recorded LIVE at The Improv in Hollywood, CA on Friday, May 2nd, 2014."
Runtime: 1:36:52
Recorded Fri, 2nd May 2014
Released Mon, 5th May 2014
Show notes by @Forgeticus

0:00 Smodco ad for DAVE School.
1:38 Kyle Hebert intro.
2:25 Kev gets email from Gene Simmons. He is interested in Kevin's new Christmas horror movie, Anti-Claus. "Are you interested in making $3 million horror movies?"
5:15 Gene would like to Kevin make 3 changes to the movie:
       * Does it have to have Krampus in it?
6:10 * Can Kevin take all the comedy out?
7:02 * Does it have to take place at Christmas?
7:25 So Kevin is maybe working on a different, new horror project with Gene Simmons.
8:25 It's been a year since HBO left the Lovitz.
9:23 Shoutouts: "It's a segment we call- I do the same fucking thing every week, how do you not know the cue by now?"
10:30 Jessica and Albert, world travelers. Kevin wants ice cream. Huell Howser welcomes.
14:32 John and Bob are married. Kev is Chewy. Bob is allowed to sleep with Kevin. Pacino welcomes.
17:40 Jason and Sarah. Jason fired for insubordination. Sexy Kev welcomes. "It wasn't creepy when you told the guy with the mustache you were gonna ride his face and hold onto the handlebars. That wasn't creepy. [Now] you're looking at a woman, and you're all flustered."
20:00 R.J. and Mellisa. The Germans give teaching advice? "Kindergarten is a German word, you know. It means BEAT THE SHIT OUT of children until they LEARN THINGS!"
22:00 Annie and Janet from Battican City. David Bowie welcomes. Fuck you, José.
24:18 Smodco ads.
25:54: Email bag: Troy made a trailer for animated Babble-On movie Rise of the Garmy.
29:00 Lucas sends in Arnold being a dick Photo.
30:25 Andy wants to hear Arnold sing "My Favorite Things".
32:40 Postal Worker Reuben sends in 2 new HBO stamps. Photo. Charlton Heston creepy clown.
33:28 Alex sends in photo of dog welcomed to LA. Photo.
33:53 Dynamic Duets: Joanne wants "You're the One that I want" from Grease.
35:50 Guest Bane. "Welcome to Open Mic Night here at the Improv."
38:55 Tinseltown Stiffs: musician Larry Ramos.
40:40 Tinseltown Stiff: Mad Magazine editior Al Feldstein. Photo.
43:30 Tinseltown Stiff: Actor Bob Hoskins. Clip.
46:13 Tinseltown Stiff: DJ E-Z Rock "It Takes Two"
47:08 Hollywood Helper: Pornhub to plant trees. "Pornhub gives America wood." Photo.
50:06 Shit That Should Not Be: Flash Gordon Earthquake Clip. Photo.
52:55 Exquisite Acting: Harrison Ford in Temple of Doom. "We are Going to Die!"
54:50 Smodco Ads.
56:20 Kev-In: Spiderman, Scarface, Kevin in The Wonder Years clip.
1:00:35 HBO Headlines: Craig Ferguson to leave The Late Late Show. Clip.
1:03:05 George Clooney is getting married.
1:03:26 A racist man in the crowd would like a word
1:04:20 Kevin's had enough, throws the racist prick out. The crowd turns. "There's a gaza strip club down the street. You might like that, Sir."
1:06:50 Clippers owner Donald Sterling just left, and is no longer welcome at Hollywood Babble-On.
1:08:14 Ralph and Kevin think about throwing another audience member out, or everyone even. "You don't bring hate into my comedy club." 
1:09:10 Lindsay Lohan uninsurable in new movie. Trying to raise funds. Article.
1:10:00 Kim Kardashian buying multiple copies of her Vouge cover. Article. Sad Kayne. Kayne to sell 3 vinyl collection of him just talking, giving life advice.
1:13:32 Justin Bieber releases new duet with Poo Bear. Impromptu "It Takes Two". Actavis to stop making codeine syrup.
1:16:24 Jon Hamm calls Justin Bieber a shit head
1:17:15 Fox to do live Grease on TV. 
1:18:10 Fox is developing a TV show about teenage Jesus called "Nazareth". Smallville for Jesus.
1:21:20 Paul Simon and his wife beat each other up. Photo. "Yeah... that's Paul Simon. Hello darkness my old friend."
1:22:28 Movies That Will Suck: Peeps the movie. "To which I would say: not every fucking thing's a movie!"
1:24:27 Geek News: Justice League movie announced. Zack Snyder to direct. Maybe 2018.
1:26:42 Star Wars Episode 7 had a table read. Photo. Harrison Ford talks to J.J. Abrams.
1:31:05 Dr. Who the porn parody "Dr. Whore." Photo.
1:32:28 Liam Neeson's cock jokes.