Hollywood Babble-On 165: April 18, 2014

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Description: "Recorded LIVE at The Brea Improv on Friday, April 18, 2014."
Runtime: 1:23:33
Recorded Fri, 18th Apr. 2014.
Released Tues 22nd Apr. 2014.
Show notes by @neilgat

0:00 SModCo ad for http://www.proflowers.com/ 
1:40 Kyle Hebert intro. 
2:05 Happy Good Friday, sold out return to the Improv.
2:51 Wondercon, Ralph and Kevin' DC Panel for Batman '66 and Ralph hosting Fox's panel; Maze Runner, Secret Service and X-Men Days of Future Past.
4:18 Shout Outs: Tom & Gabe from Houston, Ralph as 'Lavender Man' Croatian Super Hero.
6:45 Amy & Bree, Crushing on Bane.

9:25 Wes, Ryan, Elizabeth, Brent & Panda "Birthday Party Snowball", The Germans "30 isn't bad."
13:40 Blaze Odell, Alex from Portland, James from Santa Rosa and Jordan from San Diego "All over the map" Jennifer Nigri, Queen of Cosplay."
16:40 Harrison Ford and Sexy Kevin.
17:30 Frankie & Zac "Tubby, Mexican Silent Bob."
18:30 David Bowie.
19:35 Email Bag: Mike Vona from Philadelphia choked on a gobstopper listening to Ralph's Arnie Ompa Loompa Song.
20:55 Jeremy from Long Island (One of many many emails) ...
22:10 Arnie sings "Let It Go" from Frozen.
23:52 Encore!
24:00 Manji, Alex Trebecks Al Pacino Impression "Ooo-Ah."
24:45 Ross Cook from Nottingham, "Al Pacino's Chinese Fish and Chip Shop in Sheffield."    
27:00 Dynamic Duets:Adam Weinstein from Komac New York; Green Acres Theme Eddie Albert (Bane) & Eva Gabor (Adam West).
29:15 Hollywood Helpers: Bryan Cranston as Walter White records Prom Date request, "Promposals."
32:27 Shit That Should Not Be: Brian Clinton Iron Man 3
35:30 Smodco Adverts: Loot Crate, Shari's Berries.
39:30 Exquisite Acting: Eric Kramer; Seven Below, Ving Rhames.41:55 Kev-In: Freddie Belesteros, Heimlich from 'A Bugs Life.'
42:50 Kev-In: Guardians of the Galaxy, Starlord. 
43:18 Kev-In: Farmer Ted, Rolling Stone Cover.
44:00 HBO Headlines: Justin Beiber versus paparazzi at the Grove, rips off Kanye's "Don't Talk Rap","Reconcile your face."
46:50 Tom Cruise 'dating' Laura Prepon.
49:45 "Arnold Schwarzenegger is a bit of a dick", "That's all I've got."
50:05 Patrick Shwarzenegger photobombed by Arnie post operation.
51:35 Rapper Christ Bearer (Andre Johnson) cuts off penis and jumps off building.
53:35 Ice cream interruption, also booze.
54:03 Wu Tang Clan ain't nothin' to fuck with.
55:05 Gwyneth Paltrow versus Joan Rivers "voted Worlds most beautiful woman by Helen Keller and Stevie Wonder."
56:40 Lindsay Lohan: off the wagon rumors, Oprah had her killed, and cancelled her reality show, Sex list confirmed as real "heres a list of my mends."
59:46 Kim Kardashian, Mike Amess petrified of the Kardashians, vomits on sight.
1:01:34 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie; Left sex toys on private jet, numerous ... "Smells like roses."
1:05:25 Sharknado 2; Indiegogo fundraising. 
1:08:20 Soul Train heading to Broadway.
1:11:00 Dick Clark comments.
1:11:25 Willie Nelson to recieve 5th Degree Black Belt in Gong Kwon Yu Sul "The ancient Asian art of walking and tying headbands."
1:12:40 Baz Luhrmann making "Kung Fu" movie, (not a musical), no casting news.
1:14:15 Movies That Will Suck; Mrs Doubtfire Two.
1:16:05 Geek News; X-Men Mystique spin off for Jennifer Lawrence, also Gambit and Deadpool.
1:17:05 Spiderman 2 Teases X-Men Days of Future Past at end credits.
1:18:50 Harrison Fords Reddit AMA, Who shot first? "I don't know, and I don't care."
1:20:15 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.