Hollywood Babble-On 134: August 2nd, 2013

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Comments: "Recorded live at the Hollywood Improve (sic) on August 2, 2013.."
Runtime: 1:40:04
Recorded Fri. 2nd August, 2013
Released Mon, 5th August, 2013

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3:22 Kyle Hebert intro.
4:15 - Kevin describes his birthday; watches the Avengers with Jen - Jen cackles. "Call me HawkEye!" "Forty three-way!"
8:52 What Strain Is Kevin On?: 1/2oz Yoda OG, Green Fantasy. "Yoda's porn fantasy."
10:00 Shout-outs: "Taint." "Roman face mask." Crystal Babbage sends in artwork.
12:06 Valerie celebrates Jay's birthday with "Brown eye lucky." "Kracken."
13:20 Jasmine celebrates Freddy's birthday. "Wrong fuckin' show!" Kevin on Scooby Doo. "All Freddy's are dicks!" The Germans confirm. "¡Feliz cumpleaños!"
15:50 Lena, Jens and Oba from Sweden on Star Trek. William Shatner shout-out.
17:40 Creepy Clown Time: Matt Rowbottom, Sarah et al. request Bane Creepy Clown to Ralph. "Big, bald male nurse." "Method Actor!" Gift of food and Cards Against Humanity. "Voldemort's Castle." "Just leave them on the way out."
22:25 Email bag: Alyssa and friends visit The Stash on Kevin's birthday. "Flesh Light Training." "Pebble."
24:40 Kanye West Rant: Casey Kasem.
26:10 Colton from Des Moines, Iowa sends in the new Thor poster"Male tit-grabbers."
27:05 Alison Maynard from Melbourne, Australia asks for David Bowie to serenade Kevin. "I'll see you in 10 minutes!"
28:40 Babble Story Time: Alex McKay asks for Sean Connery to read Go The F*ck To Sleep.
30:30 Tinseltown Stiffs: JJ Cale. Ralph plays Eric Clapton's Cocaine and After Midnight. Oh, Alenka.
33:47 Tinseltown Stiff: Michael AnsaraKang.
36:20 Tinseltown Stiff: Eileen BrannanClue. Kevin on Private Benjamin.
38:45 Hollywood Helper: Sam SimonJodi Foster. "Penis and testicles."
41:35 Shit That Should Not Be: JD sends in Rocky 3. Chair.
43:55 Exquisite Acting: Ross Woods sends in Judge Dredd. Previously seen in HBO 73 (Thanks, @Forgeticus!)
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49:30 Kev-In: Revenge of the SmithBook of SMormon! Gilgamesh, WTF?!
52:30 HBO Headlines: Justin Bieber on fire; statement released. "#Targets" Giant faceHow dare hePhone. "Dick App." "Ve haff vays of making you pay!"
56:40 Ralph would like to be at Chicago w/Al Pacino at The Greek. Ralph mistakes Pacino for Bieber.
Ralph sings Saturday in the Park.
1:01:15 Lindsay Lohan must do 3 hour-long therapy sessions for 16 months. "Herbie to sponsor." The Canyons to be released. Affleck wants to hire her for Live By Night. Hosted Chelsea Lately.
1:03:45 Chelsea Handler related to Nazi. "Perfect combo."
1:05:00 Ellen DeGeneres to host the Oscars.
1:05:45 Simon Cowell fills a separation"YEAH!!!" Swap Gone Wrong. "What's the moratorium?!" A host of amazing Natalie Wood jokes.
1:09:00 Have You Seen This Billboard?!: Special Needs Albino Smurfs. Doogie takes a hit. Kevin amazed with Ralph's knowledge of Smurfs. "Bullshit!"
1:11:40 Oklahoma My Little Pilot insignia.
1:12:50 KTV-U Kent Parker Wright.
1:14:25 Psy has a drinking problem. Drunk woman chided by Ralph and Kevin.
1:15:45 Porn News: Anthony Weiners sexting to be made into a porn movieGreenpeace, pls! Snap.
1:17:40 Ben and Jerry's sues Ben and Cherry's.
1:18:55 Ke$ha born with a tail.
1:19:00 Donnie Osmond tore his ass.
1:19:55 Movies That Will Suck: Beverly Hills Cop 4. Kevin optimistic. Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore in The Family Moon. Ralph's Adam Sandler impression.
1:22:00 Geek News: CW announce The Flash TV series. "Back-door pilot." Kevin pimps the Justice League - The FlashPoint Paradox. *SPOILERS*
1:30:00 Hugh Jackman tweets.
1:31:05 3 Avatar movies on the way.
1:31:25 John Williams to score upcoming Star Wars movies. Theme played. Kevin on past work. Danny Elfman calls.
1:33:15 New Dr. Who to be announced. Jason Mewes leads a chorus of Happy Birthday for Kevin. "This is our Goddamn night!"
1:35:30 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.