Hollywood Babble-On 125: Secret Origins 2

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Another compilation of the "Greatest Hits" from the history of Babble-On!"
Runtime: 2:15:00
Recorded 2011-2013
Released Mon, 15th Apr. 2013

Hello Garmy,

I thought I would use this place to explain a little of the production process of Hollywood Babble-On 125: Secret Origin 2, and why an 'Issue Zero,' is necessary.

In the past couple of months, I have been working on several SModCo projects, with my good friend and SmodCast Internet Radio Chief Jizzmopper, Declan Quinn, the first of them being Tell 'Em Steve-Dave 143: And on the 7th Day, God Listened to TESD, which is a Zero Issue for fellow SModCo Podcast, Tell 'Em Steve-Dave.

To the uninitiated, the Zero Issue may seem like a mere clip show, but it's uses are many, the most prominent thus; Potential new listeners feel that to sit through 150+ hours of pod to catch up to the present episode is a gargantuan task. The Zero Issue let's said person hear select fragments, brings them up to speed, and hopefully gives them the urge to download the back catalogue and enjoy it.

I had a great time putting TESD 143 together with Declan, using the information provided by the TESD Army. So much so, that I wanted to do another, but for Hollywood Babble-On. Instead of asking what clips people would like, I used my notes from this blog, as all the information was still fresh in my brain (I had caught up to the present point, some three months earlier).

Which brings me to today; Secret Origins Part 2 brings us up to speed, and is a strong episode. Hopefully it brings new listeners to HBO who stick around because they like what they have heard.

Thanks for reading, and Babble-On!

Joseph (Chile).