Hollywood Babble-On 101

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Recorded live at The El Dorado Hotel and Casino in Reno, NV, 10/6/2012"
Runtime: 1:29:22
Recorded Sat, 20th Oct 2012
Released Sun, 21st Oct. 2012

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7:04 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

8:20 Kevin feels bloated, after eating several Boston Creampies. Mentions going to Vegas with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. People are sat close to Ralph and Kevin.
11:40 Ralph disparages Karen Carpenter.
12:20 Shout-outs: (Kevin in charge of audio tonight). Rob Udvari went home, drunk.
15:10 Patrick and Danette Lawson from Wyoming have been together for 14 years. "Leafblower."  
17:20 Matthew and Shauna celebrate 2 years marriage. "Brown to Pound Town." "She grabs a steak-knife."
19:20 Sean Berry will have an Avengers-theme wedding. Degrassi references.
22:45 Justin and Kristin celebrate Slutty Kristin's birthday. "Ultimate Surrender Porn." (REALLY NSFW!) "Hot Karl."
27:00 Email bag: Cathy and Rick Aguirre voted for HBO in the Stitcher Awards.
28:45 Mark from South Wales asks for Tom Jones' What's New Pussycat? by Arnold Schwarzenegger.
29:50 Daniel from Manchester asks for Al Pacino to sing the Ghostbusters theme.
30:45 Creepy Clown Time: Tim Curry Creepy Clown.
32:55 Tinseltown Stiffs: Larry Sloan. Heckler butts in.
34:50 Tinseltown Stiff: Gary Collins.
35:10 Tinseltown Stiff: John Clive.
35:40 Tinseltown Stiff: Sylvia Kristel. Kevin and Ralph discuss her filmography and personal experiences. "21 cock salute."
41:30 Hollywood Helpers: Anne Hathaway donating wedding picture money to charity.
43:15 HBO Headlines: Lindsay Lohan's father tries to stage an intervention. Poltergeist reference: "You moved the headstones!" Officially backing Mitt Romney.
47:00 National Mall in Washington will have the Million Muppet March for PBS.
48:30 Barack Obama went on the Yeo Show, in Florida. Asked about Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey.
50:30 Hulk Hogan sex-tape update: same woman on tape with 3 other men. Hulk sues everybody.
54:15 Fuck tapes Kim Kardashian will not be paid to show at events in Vegas. Khewbacca is the host of the X-Factor. "Thimble full of talent." Kris Jenner wants to be the manager of the Honey Boo Boo family.
56:30 Courtney Stodden forgets she's married. Couples Therapy discussed.
57:50 Amanda Bynes was blind, maybe and had Lasic. Was in court.
59:25 Jenny McCarthy has a new book. Had Jesus posters on her wall. Blew a guy at a truck stop for $20.
1:01:30 Made In Jersey cancelled, as is Animal Practice. Kevin mentions Jen. Dane Cook's new sitcom cancelled before it aired.
1:03:00 Ted became the highest grossing R-Rated comedy, ever.
1:04:00 Uma Thurman had a baby girl.
1:05:10 Kellen Lutz will win an Oscar, one day. Filming Tarzan, just now.
1:06:25 Tom Hanks dropped an F-bomb on Good Morning America.
1:09:00 Movies That Will Suck: Grudge Match. Family Circus. Heathcliffe. Son of Earnest.
1:13:20 Snoop Lion sold his music to Hot Pockets.
1:16:00 GangnamBusters.
1:17:00 Trapped in the Closet continues, on Black Friday.
1:19:15 Geek News: Joe Shuster's family in court.
1:20:00 Darth Vader (Mark Noakes)'s wife catches a punch from their neighbor.
1:22:45 Lost interview footage of The Empire Strikes Back found. Coke nail.
1:25:10 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.