Hollywood Babble-On 80

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph overcomes while Kevin is Downunder with the help of special guest Brad Williams."
Runtime: 1:29:13
Recorded Sat, 28th Apr. 2012
Released Mon, 30th Apr. 2012

Special Guest host: Brad Williams
0:00 SModCo ads.
2:30 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

3:15 Kevin in Australia. Brad Williams filling in. Ralph plugs upcoming dates.
4:45 Bears and twinkies.
5:25 Shout-outs: MaryBeth and Justin celebrate Justin's birthday.
8:10 Email bag: Nadine from Sydney Incognito Batman.
9:45 Ryan Magner from Newport, RI sends in this. (Video set to private).
11:00 David asks for a Connery shout-out for his girlfriend Roux.
12:30 Hollywood Helper: Patrick Dempsey rescued a kid from a crash. brad says it's a message from God.
16:30 Shit That Should Not Be: Arnie on the Fitness Express.
19:30 Exquisite Acting: Sven Mombasa sends in Arnie on the Streets of San Francisco.
22:20 HBO Headlines: Beyoncé named the Worlds Most Beautiful Woman.
24:20 Megan Fox pregnant. Brad as a human vibrator.
25:55 Lucy Lee arrested.
28:30 Neil Diamond married his manager, and Brad gets a joke filed.
30:20 Lindsay Lohan attacked by Rosie O'Donnell. The Evils of O'Donnell. Exit to Eden. Lindsay Lohan on the set of Glee. Brad hits it out of the park.
34:45 Forbes fictional 15.
36:30 Audience joins in with the Duck Tales theme.
38:05 Brad on Forrest Gump. Trivia Night at the pub. Brad calls foul on the list, just as Kevin did in the previous year. Brad pointed out Ralph's Simpson's mistake. Ralph ejects someone from the audience.
40:30 Apology to Rebecca Black. Double Take - Hot Problems. Brad wants to go after them.
43:05 Chelsea Handler with her boyfriend again. Brad says Chelsea's midget has been in porn. Took a swipe at Angelina Jolie.
44:50 Quote: "Greasy-haired crack whore."
45:10 Quote: "She must have, like, three assholes!"
47:00 Hulk Hogan sex-tape stills released. Color Commentary by Brad Williams.
49:05 Mike Tyson to appear in Hangover III. Mike's past discussed, and pigeons.
50:45 Ryan Seacrest to be paid $30m for American Idol.
52:05 Quote: "He killed him ...!"
53:15 Brad and Ralph pre-order their tickets to Hell via a Dick Clark and the Fries Girl conversation.
54:35 Kardashian's renewed for 3 more seasons for $40m. Ralph compares them to a trailer park family.
55:25 Quotes: "Sears tires ... baby gap," "40 acres of Khloe," "Stop being Armenian!"
58:05 Kim in bed with Kris Jenner. Brad Williams is on FIRE!
59:40 Kim in LAX earringsZoomNail polish Kollection.
1:02:50 Ukrainian Barbie. 12. Brad scared the shit out of kids, with life-size Barbie.
1:03:30 Quotes: "Caulk!" "You could fuck a real Barbie!"
1:05:00 Movies That Will Suck: Jungle Book (Live Action). Top Gun 2. The Fast and the Furious 6. Russell Crowe in Noah.
1:06:25 Val Kilmer takes a knocking. Mexican accents.
1:09:50 The remaining Jackson's to go on tour.
1:10:40 Demi Lovato gets some life advice from Brad Williams. Paraguay gig.
1:11:25 Quote: "Bring it on!"
1:13:50 Lady Gaga starts her tour in Korea. CAC unhappy.
1:15:45 Justin Bieber names his penis "Jerry."
1:17:05 Quote: "Jerry's kids."
1:17:20 Brad met him at the Laugh Factory.
1:18:30 Geek News: BeeSting arrested.
1:20:40 The T.A.R.D.I.S. Tickler.
1:22:40 Real life Star Trek phaser.
1:23:50 Gay Batman.
1:25:00 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.