Hollywood Babble-On 186: October 24, 2014

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Description: "Recorded LIVE at The Improv in Hollywood California on 10/24/2014."
Runtime: 1:34:00
Recorded Fri, 24th Oct. 2014
Released Mon, 27th Oct. 2014
Show notes by @HBOhelper

0:00 SModCo ads DAVEschool.com Times Up! Code: Hollywood.
2:55 Kyle Hebert intro.

3:44 Kevin's Break-up: The Beard is going on Sunday. Robert Kurtzman is in attendance; Mewes can't wear the prosthetic for Yoga Hosers. Ralph gives positive affiration; No Raping.
10:40 The Challenge.
12:00 Shout-outs: Birgitte from Austria gets an Arnie shout-out. Steffan bites the big one. "Get to the chopper!" Ralph attacks Resida. Ralph buys a drink for Birgitte.
17:50 John and new wife Stephanie celebrate their honeymoon. "That's not interracial in Los Angeles!" Bane-Love. Ed Wynne.
21:10 Johnny LeRoc and g/f from Toronto in the house. Pube sandwich.
24:00 Pearl Maguire, Andrew, et al. very drunk. The Germans with birthday celebration advice. Crowd control needed.
26:20 Vic Diaz and Carla celebrate two years together. Bowie celebrations.
28:25 Jordan and Bertina from Georgia at The Improv. Bertina with a plethora of languages.
31:00 "How Big Is Liam Neeson's Cock?" in Danish, Swedish, German and Norweigan, with direction from Kevin. "Schwanz!"
35:45 Email bag: Tim in Richmond, VA asks for Pee Wee Herman to perform Walter White's "I am the one who knocks ..." from Breaking Bad.
37:20 Alan Kennedy wrote in regarding Affleck's cock, and Kevin seeing it.
38:40 Inappropriate Products: "This straw isn't going to suck itself."
39:20 Chris in Dublin asks for Arnie to sing The Dentist from Little Shop of Horrors.
41:39 Tinseltown Stiffs: Gerard ParkesFraggle Doc.
44:36 Tinseltown stiff: Raphael Ravenscroft. Baker Street played.
46:40 Exquisite Acting: Dave from Croydon sends in Ringo Starr in Candy. Spider on the table.
49:00 SModCo ads: SquareSpace.com/Babble
51:07 Shit That Should Not Be: Ralph on Huell Howser at the Mexican Border.
55:20 Kev-In: Bad News KevPlanet of the KevsGrease. Kevin wants to perform Grease live with Kevin.
57:40 HBO Headlines: Honey Boo Boo cancelled. Drunk Lady mocked. "There are some cunts here tonight ..."
1:01:00 Between Two Ferns with Bradley Pïtts.
1:01:55 Renee Zellwegger Before and After. Ralph with a Road House reference.
1:04:20 Ban Breaking Bad. Cranston TweetAaron Paul tweetCranston II.
1:07:00 "Sexy Proctologist." OlafBeetleguise. Garman with a great Beetlejuice impression. Ralph coins Bride of Beetlejuice. Khloe.
1:10:00 Teacher fired for inappropriate movie. Ralph's Red State preformance critiqued.
1:12:45 Gene Simmons wants to be President. Garman - tongue. "It's not weird, it's effective!" 
1:14:55 Lindsay Lohan tweets support for potential Brazillian president.
1:16:40 Frankie Carbone in The Simpsons$250m?
1:18:30 Sharknado 3 on the fEast Coast.
1:19:15 BeWitched to make a return ... for Love!
1:20:00 Iggy Azalia and S/O selling Forever 21
1:21:00 Justin Bieber scoring a goal! #YoungGretzsky
1:22:45 The Church of SuperHeroesGoFundMe.
1:24:15 Marvel bringing Riverdale - Age of Ultron trailer.
1:27:30 Mr. Incredible and Batgirl square off. "Batman!" Joke not filed.
1:29:36 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.