Hollywood Babble-On 179: August 09, 2014

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Description: "Recorded LIVE at The Improv in Hollywood, CA on August 9, 2014."
Runtime: 1:55:53
Recorded Sat, 9th Aug. 2014
Released Mon, 11th Aug. 2014
Show notes by @HBOhelper

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2:02 Kyle Hebert intro.
3:00 Kevin missed The Improv; Steven Hawking in the audience.
3:35 Ralph breaks down recording the pilot, last week.
5:00 Dude knocks Chasing Amy. Ralph on Adam West. 
6:00 Kevin reflects on the pilot.
7:50 Kevin's preparation. "Suckin' my own tits .. suckin' my own dick .." "We're gonna make MONEEEY!"
9:45 HBO: Freedom, baby!
10:45 Tusk premiere in Toronto: Sept. 6th.
11:25 Kevin's dream: to be in pre-production, when a film premieres (Yoga Hosers).
12:30 Shout-outs: Ralph's assistant Gaby and HBO producer Gaby Zamora. "The going away show ..."
14:10 Paul and Veronika, Vancouver, BC. "I got a handjob in Langley!" Travelled by car. "Two girls, one show." Veronica smitten with Ralph. "Puppy-doggin' on the bed." "You dried yourself off on a hotel comforter?!" Ralph under the bed. Pacino shout-out.
18:30 Fredrik Bergstek from Lulea, Sweden, FaceBook servers and Battle-droids. Ralph knocks the messaging app. "Anyone else here alone?!" Crickets. Charlton Heston chides Markus. "S'fucked up, man."
22:40 Logan wants to get into Elora's Gamma Ray hole. "We fucked!" Sexy Kev "Fist him to the wrist, girl! Crisco, disco!" "Fisting's not your thing?!" "Hulks out when he's in her ass!"
26:45 Ralph on dildo-ass. "Turn these lights down!" "Allowing a toy to be used on me ...!" "Dick-shaped." Dr. Josh with a well-placed Trek sounder. Kevin rabid for details. Ralph references The Distance by Cake. "No I've had a hairbush up my ass ... not the business end .."
31:05 Sam celebrates Brendan's 20th birthday. Moleman. "Sam's a girl?!" "A little fucking help for the guy reading!" Lost underwear. Huell Howser happy birthday. "Sam, you are one fucked-up broad." "You mole-covered fuck!" "Streaks of California gold!"
34:45 Michelle and Logan Drydale's son sent in an email. "My dad is a dick!" "Some seedy Hollywood hotel." "This kid's getting beat in an hour!" "Beat this kid like a bowl of eggwhites!" Kevin asks if the Canadians know the other Canadians. "Secret Canadian handshake." "Eh? Yea!"
38:30 Mark and Alyssa do The Weathergirls. "Already she's chapped ass." Bowie shout-out. Mark wrote his own email. "You have brought lies into our house, sir!" "They can stand outside!" "Liar Mark!" "Happy birthday to you, Liar!"
42:08 Email bag: Aaron from Ohio asks for PeeWee Herman to do the Fuck you, Pay Me speech from Goodfellas.
43:55 Lorenzo sent in the Spider-Man kite (Image unavailable).
44:30 Derek Rothschild sent in Batman's Electric toothbrush. (Images unavailable). "Hey listen, hairbrush!"
45:50 Buffalo Bill Cosby from James in London. "Would you fuck me?!"
46:44 Xbox video commercial. "Double-dippin'." "You had a hairbrush in yer ass?!"
48:35 Ralph cuts Dr. Josh. 
49:00 Arnie sings: Won't You Be My Neighbor? "Come with me if you want to live, neighbor!"
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55:30 Tinseltown Stiffs: Menahem Golan. Filmography discussed. Kevin a fan of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. "Now you miss him, you pricks!"
58:45 Tinseltown Stiff: Marilyn Burns. Video unavailable. Tusk homage to this clip.
1:01:10 Tinseltown Stiff: Dick Smith. Images unavailable. Ralph and Kevin both wanted to be make-up artists. "Rich kid." "Sticking hairbrushes to your face!" "Fuck you!" Kevin recounts a Mike Bellacose story. Grand Illusion.
1:05:20 Hollywood Helpers: Ralph and Kevin to watch Guardians of the Galaxy together. Marvel send Rocket Raccoon creator GotG. Link. Kevin plugs heroinitiative.org
1:08:34 Shit That Should Not Be: James Vertoevek sends in Hitchcock's The Birds. Bad make-up. Kevin references Tusk, easter eggs, and 3 Shit That Should Not Be's in the movie.
1:10:50 Exquisite Acting: Peter Jensen sends in Talia Shire in Rocky 3.McDonalds Fries Girl. "Adrienne, yay." "FUCK YEAH!"
1:12:55 Kev-In: (Images unavailable). Bill Tilly sends in Kev-In TV shows: Starksy and Hutch, "Roger Ebert towards the end," "File it in hell!" RG and The Bear. Star Wars VII. 
1:15:30 HBO Headlines: The Big Bang Theory cast renegociate their deals for $1m an episode. "We need a sitcom, fast!" "Most be the cure for fat!"
1:17:50 Vin Diesel is a triple threat. Singing Stay With Me. (Video unavailable). "Guardians of Karaoke!"
1:19:20 Sharknado 2 scores 3.9m viewers. Tara Reid asked if a Sharknado could happen. Shark, by Tara. "Cigarettes and vodka." "The Walkers."
1:21:40 Jon Favreau directing The Jungle Book. "Oh, bother!" Cast discussed. Kevin digs Idris Elba.
1:24:18 Idris Elba's cock is huge. Ralph wants to see it, full mast.
1:26:40 Jeff Goldblum poses for a picture with T-Rex.
1:28:10 John Travolta's ex-partner to release a book. History and description. Gay ghost.
1:30:25 Kim Kardashian announces her latest book (Coffee table selfie book) Kim Selfish Kardashian. "Truer words were never spoken in book-form." Kanye West believes the civil rights movement mirrors the prey of the paparazzi. The Smartest Celebrity ever.
1:32:50 The Chainsmokers - Selfie. Kanye.
1:34:45 Patrice Wilson releases Cupcakes.
1:36:15 Movies That Will Suck: Ghostbusters reboot with female cast. Kevin defends. Ralph unsure. Kevin references The Heat. The Expendibles with an all-female cast. "Jessica Rabbit."
"This is no longer an open forum!"
1:41:00 Justin Bieber saves a fisherman. "Face, neck and chest." 
1:43:45 Geek news: Batman Vs. Superman footage at Comic Con. Kevin describes. "Bat-brush." Shooting in Detroit. "People on radio are assholes." Zack Snyder defends Aquaman. "NERD!"
1:48:00 Arnie reveals T5 is called Terminator: Genesys. Kevin astounded that Arnie will be acting in the new movie. "Holy fuck!" "Bitch tits and grey hair!" "The boobies are actually grenades!"
1:50:00 Roy Ives turns down the change to star in Star Trek porn. "Wrath of Dong!" "It's a job, man!" Ralph's joke ammended.
1:52:00 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.