Hollywood Babble-On 169: May 23, 2014

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Description: "Recorded LIVE at The Improv in Hollywood, CA on Friday, May 23, 2014."
Runtime: 1:41:32
Recorded Fri, 23rd May 2014
Released Mon, 26th May 2014
Show notes by @HBOhelper

0:00 Smodco ads, DAVE School; DCentertainment.com - Batman '66 Meets The Green Hornet.
3:10 Kyle Hebert intro.

4:00 Kevin has his Fat Pants on; Tusk is finished. Chicken cheesesteak. Kevin references rude tweeter.
6:55 Shout-outs: Alvin offers wife Emerald on-stage to give a hug. "Tent in the fat-pants."
10:45 Dean Taylor celebrates his birthday on his own. Ralph buys Dean a drink. Kevin offers a hooker. Sly Stallone pitches in.
13:45 Nick Folseca's friend emails in on his behalf. Arnie calls him an asshole.
14:45 Mike Loparda and Farron from Pittsburg, PA spit in Kevin's face. Celebrating being cancer-free for 1 year. Kevin's sexy voice. Brown-isms. "Hot dog in the bun."
18:45 Jacob and Phil explain their secret origins. The German's pitch in.
21:25 Faun throws friend-with-benefit, Billy, some. Al Pacino impressed.
24:09 Dena Hockenberry, Cassandra and Dennis get Kevin to work the pole for Dena's birthday, w/ David Bowie. "Huge!"
26:35 Email bag: Michael sends in movie-mashups.
28:03 Arnie Sings: The Witch Doctor.
30:10 Hunter Clarke sends in a water sprinkler.
31:00 Adam Kirke sends in the HBO Loyalty Card.
31:45 Dynamic Duets: Thomas in Madison, WI sends in Those Were The Days, (the All In The Family theme). Ralph has a drink.
34:20 Tinseltown Stiffs: Jerry ValePretend You Don't See Her.
36:53 Tinseltown stiff: Gordon WillisInterview.
39:25 Hollywood Helpers: #CapForStrat Twitter Update,
41:00 Exquisite Acting: Randy sends in Robert De Niro as Famous Leader.
44:00 Shit That Should Not Be: Frank from Brooklyn, NY, Die Hard 2 (Black actor with white hand). (Video unavailable).
46:44 SModCo ads: LootCrate/Babble.
48:50 Kev-In: Kev-ZillaThe Doors by Matt Rob. Ghost.
53:15 HBO Headlines: Lindsay Lohan in the VIP room with her brother.
55:45 Expendibles 3 waltz at Cannes. Ralph re-enacts. "Beard." Travolta. Gay Ghost.
59:20 Justin Bieber parties shirtless at every party. Offered $1m from Larry Flint for an ad. "Wearing a grape."
1:01:00 **first appearance** Justin Slaughter sends in a Kimye theme. Kim and Kanye getting married on Saturday, The Wedding of the Century! Amber alert. Facial.
1:06:10 Kendall Jenner can't read.
1:07:40 Willow Smith draws the attention of the law.
1:09:00 Burger King ditching their slogan: "Be your way." "BOO!" "Living the Burger King lifestyle." "Eat up, Fatass!"
1:11:40 McDonalds Happy Meal character.
1:12:45 Arsenio Hall in the running to own The LA Clippers.
1:14:00 Ryan Seacrest sings on American Idol.
1:16:15 Black Magic Mike, "Chocolate City" announced. Ralph moist.
1:17:00 Jon Bon Jovi wants to move the Buffalo Bills to Toronto. "Give The Bills a break!" "Fuck you!"
1:19:00 Madonna leeches onto Katy Perry. "Elderly aunt." "Elder abuse." Ralph feels Madonna is embarrassing herself. Ralph promises an S&M photoshoot. "Glom-on."
1:21:00 Memorial Day celebrated. Farrah Abraham celebrates a month as she gives her $0.02. "Those words were strung together ..."
1:23:45 Geek News: Edgar Wright is leaving Ant Man. Kevin will investigate.
1:26:15 Batman 5 Superman: Dawn of Justice. David Goyer (Podcast available in link), called She-Hulk a porn star. Martian Manhunter.
1:32:00 JJ Abrams and Star Wars: Force For ChangeTime Line.
1:35:00 Hugh Jackman wants an X-Men/Avengers crossover. "No."
1:36:30 Working Wolverine claws.
1:37:30 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.