Hollywood Babble-On 154: January 17, 2014

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Comments: "Recorded live at The Improv in Hollywood, CA on 1/17/2014"
Runtime: 1:38:27
Recorded Tues, 17th Jan. 2014
Released Mon, 19th Jan. 2014
Show notes by @Forgeticus

0:00 Smodco ads
1:45 Kyle Hebert intro.
2:33 A bittersweet show tonight, it's DJ James' last. "What an asshole".
5:00 James says goodbye. He wants his girlfriend of 7 years Marilyn to join him on stage.
6:40 James would like Kevin to marry them right now.
7:40 Kevin tells James how much he's meant to HBO.
9:20 The ceremony begins "in this holy place".
11:55 Exchange of vows, then reciting of Green Lantern oath and Substitutiary Locomotion.
12:40 Kissing the Bride. Photos from the ceremony: 1, 2. (If you have more, tweet me)
14:15 Shout-outs: Mel. Al Pacino welcomes and approves of having a wife and girlfriend.
16:45 Cameron and Heidi are here from Australia. Suck it Greg and Shannon.
17:45 Jessica and Brenden, also from Australia. Brenden may suck dick to meet Kev/Ralph.
19:40 Aniya & Margaret. Friends since Catholic school. Aniya is Polish. "WEL-COME TO THE SHOW." Germans congratulate Aniya graduation.
24:25 Cory Alex, Reuben and Craig. Sexy Kev tells Craig we don't need another Jurassic Park. Bowie wishes Reuben Happy Birthday.
27:22 Email bag: Skylar sends in an early casting photo of Stallone as Harry Potter.
29:05 Brent wonders if Word Up by Cameo sound like the Fry Girl. Fry Girl sings. It doesn't.
30:50 Ryan sends in Dolph Lundgren clip that may confirm huge penis.
32:25 Airman Jeremy Scott dismayed by his cock-blocking year old daughter.
33:06 Kevin tells the story about his daughter catching him & Jen fucking. "Night-swimming"
35:02 Mark from Ontario wants Bane and Adam West to sing Under Pressure.
37:25 Tinseltown Stiffs: One of two last surviving Munchkins, Ruth Robinson Duccini.
39:03 Tinseltown Stiff: Animator and Co-creator of FilmationHal Sutherland.
40:14 Tinseltown Stiff: Pioneer of female wrestling, Johnnie Mae Young.
41:43 Tinseltown Stiff: Trigger and Harry Potter actor Roger Lloyd-PackPhoto. Clip.
43:47 Tinseltown Stiff: Actor, played manager of Partridge Family Dave Madden.
45:38 Tinseltown Stiff: Actor, the Professor on Gilligan's Island, Russel Johnson. Clip.
50:17 Shit That Should Not Be: Mannequin used for a bad stunt in Magnum Force.
52:50 Exquisite Acting: Nicholas Cage all over the place in Deadfall. "You just sold a ticket".
56:04 Kev-In: Kev and Ralph and Miley and Mewes in The Outsiders
57:20 Remember when Kevin was Uncle Buck?
57:40 Glen from Cop-On films puts Kevin in a corner in Dirty Dancing.
59:13 HBO Headlines: Justin Bieber's house raided for egging. Drugs found, Za arrested.
1:04:44 Miley Cyrus new haircut looks like Simple Jack from Tropic Thunder.
1:06:07 E! TV apologizes for awful "fun facts" during Golden Globe red carpet show.
1:07:30 Shia Labeouf angry at Jim Carey joke. Attacks Carey. Headbutts British guy.
1:09:20 Tyler and Sean send in a Kanye theme. Kanye beat up an 18 year old racist.
1:13:30 A guy starts a religion based on Kanye West. Yeezianity.
1:15:17 Farrah Abraham writing 2 new books: "An erotic sex novel, then I'm writing a christian parenting book"
1:17:17 David Cassidy arrested again for DUI.
1:18:25 Trace Atkins falls off wagon on a country concert cruise, beats up Trace Atkins
   impersonator singing Karaoke. Photo. "It's like when Superman fought himself!"
Ralph: So the boat docks in Jamaica and Trace Adkins high tails it outta there.
Kev: Wait... Which Trace Adkins?
1:21:30 Movies That Will Suck: Universal will release a new animated Grinch film.
1:23:35 Evil Satan-Baby prank video for Devil's Due. "It's the greatest thing I've ever seen."
1:26:28 Geek News: Batman vs. Superman release date pushed back to 2016.
1:28:16 Wonder Woman TV show on CW cancelled. Ralph's biggest fantasy is to get
   Wonder Woman to tie him up and do shit to him. Kev: "No, she only did that to bad
   people." Ralph: "I'M BAD. I couldn't be worse."
1:29:25 Michael Douglas to star as Hank Pym in new Antman movie.
1:30:1Thomas Kretschmann will star as Baron Von Strucker in Avengers 2.
1:31:08 Most important Geek News ever: 60's Batman show releasing on Blu-ray. Dance.
1:34:25 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.