Hollywood Babble-On 152: Babble-Eve Eve, 2013

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Recorded live at the Brea Improv during the 7:30PM show on 12/31/2013"
Runtime: 1:49:32
Recorded Tues, 31st Dec. 2013
Released Mon, 6th Jan. 2014

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1:09 Kyle Hebert intro.
1:50 Happy New Year! Ralph optimistic about the upcoming 2014.
2:45 TUSK discussed, and Ralph's time on set.
3:55 Win Our Shit may make a return and The Chelsea Award to be announced.
4:50 What Strain Is Kevin On?: SkyWalker OG. Kevin describes the details.
6:12 Shout-outs: Kevin maims a patron.
7:35 Anne from Australia attending both shows; chipped tooth. "Welcome to Brea; put a mic in your mouth!" Anne's travel plans discussed. Ed Wynne advice.
12:50 "That's not a flight!"
13:30 Melissa Paxton, and Eddie "Oh, yes!" Kevin struggles to make Pederasty Sexy. 
15:20 First Appearance:Sexy Kev theme.
16:15 Alex and Eric grilled over the origins of their origins. Fries Girl argues with Philip Seymour Hoffman. "McRib is back!"
20:00 Ben, Tori, Katie et al. have the German's explain the importance of civil rights to a Future Judge. UK Powdered wigs discussed. Kevin advocates About Time. "BILL WEASLEY!" Kevin craps on Big Fish. "Bertie Bott."
25:05 Ryan from Spokane, WA, is sat up front. David Bowie birthday greetings. Ralph gets Ralph into deep shit. "Foul-mouthed broad."
28:30 Email bag: Injured Iraq vet Jeremy Martin emails in for his love of SMod. 30:30 Ralph tells how he pussed out to give creative genius, Kanye West some shit.33:50 Paul from Whittier, CA writes in. Whittier discussed. Arnie Mahna Mahna.
35:00 Babble Rules: "One 'Woo,' per city."36:10 Mahna Mahna Take 2. "Get your ass to Mars!"
36:40 Damian from Australia sends in his own Justin Bieber story. Aussie listener reads the email. Photo
40:20 Sean from Suffolk, VA made a Two Face art.
41:10 Craig would like to hear Aaron Neville and Bane duet to I Don't Know Much.
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46:09 Tinseltown Stiffs: Allan McKeown.
48:00 Tinseltown stiff: Joan Fontaine. Sister in audience. Ralph with the Joan Fontaine facts. Rebecca clip played. Kevin on Rebecca.
51:30 Tinseltown stiff: Tom Laughlin. The Trail of Billy Jack advocated. Clip shown.
57:30 Tinseltown stiff: Peter O'Toole. My Favourite Year advocated. Ralph craps on Get Him To The Greek. Kevin reveals the idea of Silent Bob came from My Favourite Year.
1:02:00 Shit That Should Not Be: Christmas With The Cranks. BANG! (Ladder).
1:05:00 Exquisite Acting: @SirPatStew - A Christmas Carol (1999).
1:06:55 Kev-In: Kev-In Brazillian. Jean-Kev Van Damme. Naptime.
1:09:30 2014 Chelsea Award Nominees; Courtney Stodden, Farrah Abraham, Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West.
1:11:22 2014 Chelsea Award Winner: Justin Bieber! 
1:13:00 HBO Headlines: Justin Bieber tweets he is retiring. Lifestyle. sells 4,067 copies in Australia. Manta Ray joke. Kevin Smith outsold JB in vinyl.
1:17:00 Duck Dynasty dude suspended, and upcoming ad campaign. A baffling 2010 clip played. DJ James with a well-placed double-tap.
1:22:10 Kim Kardashian tweets images of family gifts. Lambourghini. Kanye West hit with a lawsuit. Bound. Bound 2. 
1:27:05 Lindsay Lohan wants to become a popstar, as does John Travolta. HBOhelper sez: "This is gonna suck a dick." Let Her In.
1:29:50 Miley Cyrus new video leaked.
1:32:00 Anne Hathaway gets her revenge.
1:33:00 12 Years a Slave Italian poster debacle.
1:35:15 Movies That Will Suck: Kevin announces he is writing a movie based on The (C)Rapture. Blog entry.
1:37:20 Guys and Dolls musical to be remade into a movie. Ralph played Sky Masterson, and sings Luck Be A Lady Tonight, as does Al Pacino and Chris Walken.
1:39:02 Geek News: Paul Rudd to be Ant Man; beat out Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
1:40:20 Michael Habjan with Hulk Vs. Superman.
1:42:10 Melinda Moon's ears. Kevin defends. Ralph belligerent.
1:43:50 Liam Neeson's Cock Jokes.