Hollywood Babble-On 131

Episode: Link.
Enhanced Audio Vision: YouTube.
Comments: "Recorded live at the Hollywood Improv on July 12, 2013."
Runtime: 1:47:46
Recorded Fri. 12th July, 2013
Released Mon, 15th July, 2013

Show notes kindly provided by @Forgeticus

0:00 SModCo ads.
0:45 Kyle Hebert intro.
1:20 And he's Kevin doesn't-know-what-day-it-is Smith.
2:00 Period talk. Downton Abbey.
5:00 Ralph does Peanuts impressions.
5:40 Ralph's Comic-Con Schedule.
6:05 Ralph's hosting Dexter panel. Kev thinks they should do one next year. Ralph: "Showtime's checks cash, I'm willing to do it ... I'll bring one of the corpses on stage, I don't give a fuck."
7:00 Dexter talk. Charlotte Rampling is not hot anymore.
7:45 Kevin: "Look at you throwing her a bone. As Ralph: "I wouldn't fuck her, but she acts good."
8:25 A bisexual Peter Parker. Kevin "Look, you think you know Spiderman? Now he puts a dick in his mouth!" Spidey senses all over Kev's face, neck, chest.
9:15 Kev brings up Ralph moderating After Earth panel. He can sell anything. Ralph: "Hey, doesn't that look great!? ...Hello?" 
9:45 Ralph wasn't allowed to mention M. Night Shyamalan’s name. 
10:15 Kev calls out Ralph having to suck Jayden Smith's cock and does a convincing impression. 
11:10 New HBO shirt for sale at Comic-Con. 
11:40 Shoutouts: 
12:10 Paul Rizzo makes intro video for Shoutouts
13:45 Michael and Michelle Tuscansy. Thanks for the help with meth. Michael needs to get laid. 
15:45 Kev as bi Spidey: "I'm saving the city. *blowjob sounds* 
16:00 Kyle and Chelsea Vorce from Sac town want to hear Jack Nicholson. 
18:45 Kevin could have sex with Ralph as many celebrities. Al Pacino, Charlton Heston, Dudley Moore.
19:30 Ralph reading Horton Hears a Who! to his kid, as Al Pacino "Ooah, I heard a fucking who. Come on now, with the fucking Who!" Kev dies laughing. 
20:30 Joel, Andreas, Essa? and Vicky just got in on the short bus from Sweden. 
22:15 Mason Wood is here with his famous knife throwing friend Jack Dagger
24:10 Sean Connery vs Jack Dagger, Bond villain. 
25:10 Kevin: "You never meet fucking knife throwers anymore." 
25:35 Dave and Joshua here for bachelor party. Fuck Mark. Hello from The Germans. 
27:55 Christian and Brendan from It's a Small World wants a thespian shout-out from David Bowie.
30:20 Email bag. 
30:35 Dave Wilcox from Australia writes in about crime at Batman Railway Station and Constable Adam West.
32:00 Andrew wants Christopher Walken to sing Sweet Transvestite. 
33:00 Chris Mack is watching Anne Heche's Butthole. 
34:00 Banks Lee writes Disney Legends awards go Dick Clark and Ed Wynn. What would that sounds like? 
35:40 Tony Dammit wants people to crowdsource his Boba Fett porn. Pic.
37:10 Ed Valasco went to Pink's hotdog found Huell Howser special, 2 wieners in 1 bun.
38:00 Ralph makes a period hotdog joke. 
40:05 Creepy Clown Time - Justin from Idaho would like Pee Wee Herman. 
41:25 Tinseltown Stiffs: Joe Conley from The Waltons. 
43:10 Tinseltown Stiff: John David Wilson, Animator on Grease Intro
44:45 Tinseltown Stiff: Ryan Davis, podcaster. 
45:55 Hollywood Helper: Johnny Depp, again. Wants to buy Wounded Knee and give it back to Native Americans. 
48:50 SModCo Ads. 
50:40 Shit that should not be: Men In Black Tommy Lee Jones doesn't know how to use a keyboard.
53:00 Exquisite Acting: William Shatner Evil Captain Kirk.
55:00 Kev-In: True Blood, Pacific Rim Job, Despicable Weed.
57:25 HBO Headlines: KTVU News misreports Asiana crash pilot's names
1:02:00 Syfy annouces sequel to Sharknado. Needed Ralph Garman. "Damn you Sharktopus!" 
1:03:00 Gwyneth Paltrow thinks the sun can't be bad for you
1:04:25 Taylor Swift has fan arrested for saying she's with Satan and tweeting death threats. 
1:06:15 Justin Bieber went on stage 2.5 hours late. Kid's nodding off "I don't belieb anymore." 
1:08:20 Justin Bieber touched The Stanley Cup, stood on Blackhawks logo. 
1:09:55 Jusitin Bieber pisses in mop bucket, disrespects Bill Clinton photo, has club fined for underage drinking. Vid
 1:15:20 Amanda Bynes adds The Obamas to her Ugly list. 
1:16:20 Kevin would put his penis behind Jen's big ears. 
1:17:00 Good to see Amanda dressing up for court. 
1:17:10 Is she unhealthy/crazy? Ralph thinks she is batshit crazy. "She needs to be in a place with very comfortable walls." 
1:17:45 Backdoor Teen Mom: Farrah Abraham thrown out of rehab. "You know what kind of a cunt you have to be to be thrown out of rehab?" Tanning Mom was there. 
1:19:55 Lindsay Lohan has a new intro video. Rehab wants her to stay extra 30 days. 
1:21:55 Speaking of drunks, Charlie Sheen took a private jet to Scotland to look for Loch Ness monster. 
1:24:00 Kayne West is a dick, grabs camera and sets new rules: "Don't talk. Don't talk to me. I don't wanna hear paparazzi talk to me or anybody I know. And tell everybody never to talk to anyone that anyone knows. Don't talk to themselves. Don't talk ever again." 
1:27:15 Movies That Will Suck: Dumb and Dumber will shoot in Sept. Ralph says it was 20 years ago.
1:28:10 Kevin: "You should never sequelize something you made 20 years ago is what you’re saying?" Ralph backtracks. Ralph thinks they should not talk in the movie. Not to each other... 
1:29:20 Willow Smith (12) is making a comeback with the band Melodic Chaotic. 
1:29:45 Kevin: "...That's cute." Ralph: "Shut up." 
1:30:30 Willow adopts pretentious British accent in new video, and looks like a guy. 
1:31:30 Cory Feldman has a new song pretending to be Michael Jackson. Sean Aston (Samwise Gamgee) appears briefly. 
1:34:45 Geek News: X-Force movie confirmed. Vin Diesel set to star in Avengers 2? 
1:38:25 Ralph met Vin Diesel on K-ROQ for Pitch Black. 3rd movie Riddick coming out. 
1:39:10 In England, Superman stopped a shoplifter. 
1:41:45 Recut Superman trailer Hobo of Steel
1:42:30 Kevin attacked on Twitter for commenting on Avengers/Man of Steel. 
1:43:20 Liam Neeson's cock jokes.