Hollywood Babble-On 122

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Recorded live at the Jon Lovitz Podcast Theater on Saturday, March 30, 2013."
Runtime: 1:46:35
Recorded Sat, 30th Mar. 2013
Released Sun, 31st Mar. 2013

Tonight's sponsor: The DAVE school
0:00 SModCo ads.
2:42 Kyle Hebert intro.
3:20 Mic problems? 
3:55 Kevin smoking Bubba Kush, this evening. Ralph's Porky Pig impression.
4:30 Kevin pimps Dredd.
5:05 Quote: "I saw it when people were still talking about it ..."
5:47 Nobody yells at Kevin on planes, anymore.
7:37 Wondercon is currently happening in Anaheim, CA. Kevin explains for the audience.
8:15 Quote: "Geek bent."
8:30 Shout outs: Alex writes in for Carolyn from Vancouver, remounting Watering-Hole. Jerry Lewis steps in.
9:15 Quote: "Drawing a smile on my face with a dick."
11:25 Quote: "I just shit myself."
11:35 Matt and Jamie celebrate one year's marriage. Huell Howser.
11:47 Quote: "Bullshit!"
12:40 HBO is the opposite of PBS.
13:15 **first appearance** Stern/Gay Huell Howser.
13:58 Quote: "Eww! That's dirty! I said 'dick,' not 'cock!'"
14:44 Pi from Albequerque, NM is at The Lovitz. Friends ditched him on his birthday. Kevin tries to set up Pi. Al Pacino More Margaritas song.
15:45 Quote: "Who wants a piece of Pi, tonight?"
17:20 Ralph concentrates on his drink. Lucy, Herbert, Maria et al, celebrate nothing. Rosa depressed. Ralph makes light of Rosa's story. Kevin's creepy/sexy voice.
19:20 Quote: "Get some whipped cream on that Pi ..."
20:20 Mewes takes a hit.
21:20 "It's all good at The Lovitz."
21:35 Brian, Kara, Jacob and Danielle from Nebraska enjoy a Pacino shout-out. Ralph and Kevin refuse to take responsibility for a line.
23:30 Caleb et al are a no-show. Angry Bowie shout-out.
25:20 Kevin recalls he was at Cannes, no he's sucking his own boobs on-stage.
25:55 Justin Bieber photo. "Ghost-Bieber, whatd'ya want?!"
26:40 Kevin's mother stepped in for him in school.
27:15 Danny from Mass. sent in X-Men containment camp.
28:10 Pedro from Brazil sends in Ralph in Highway to Heaven. Screencap.
30:55 Kevin recounts seeing Doogie Howser as a young man, at the Quick Stop.
32:00 Kevin has passed the Clerks III script to his wife and Bryan Johnson.
32:50 Joel Sutton from Monroe asks for the Harrison Ford Christian Bale rant.
34:40 Ralph's Green Lantern Oath: Pablo Hernandez from Oxnard asks for Sean Connery.
35:55 Tinseltown Stiffs: Phil Ramone.
37:01 Tinseltown Stiff: Derek Watkins.
38:00 For the Record: Ralph is anti-cancer.
39:05 Cop Out will live on forever.
39:15 Tinseltown Stiff: Don Payne.
39:55 Tinseltown Stiff: Gordon Stoker. Kevin sings. Don't Be Cruel.
42:25 Tinseltown Stiff: Richard GriffithsPic.
44:02 SModCo ads. DAVE school
47:20 Shit That Should Not Be: Damien from Melbourne sends in Star Wars, "Carrie!" Disney cease and desist.
49:40 Exquisite Acting: Nic Cage in Kick-Ass - Now swiiiitch ... to Kryptoniiiite!
51:35 Kevin on Cage in the future.
52:40 Kev-In: (Cosplay) KingpinSilent BobaBatRalph and Silent Bobbin.
54:40 Kevin's early sexual career. (50's bush).
57:10 Kevin Smith: LickMaster for the Orient.
58:00 Ralph chastises Kevin. "12 year-olds putting out."
1:00:00 HBO Headlines: Justin Bieber themes
1:00:50 Jim LeScouseSki's theme.
1:01:20 Buzz Compton's theme. Much delight.
1:02:30 **first appearance** Rich Williams' theme. (Editor's note: I fuckin' love that.)
1:03:45 Bieber minutiae: Lambourghini at 8am and spitting (Kevin references The Dark Knight Returns). 
1:06:20 Pet monkey in quarantine.
1:08:00 Ralph on Poland. Airport.
1:09:55 Pissed at photographs. Meme.
1:10:55 Amanda Bynes wants to be left alone. Tweet. Audience interaction and DeGrassi chat.
1:13:00 Invented LOLOL.
1:14:30 Lindsay Lohan wanted to go to Coachella, before rehab.
1:15:30 Unliked on the Anger Management set.
1:16:45 Sao Paolo clubbin'.
1:17:45 The Ford Figo ad. Kevin's daughter has been watching The Kardashians, but fails to realize it's actually real.
1:20:40 Kardashian pussy-smelling contest. Angry-Garman. Video.
1:21:45 Quote: "They're smelling each others cunts on this show!" 
1:25:30 Duck Dynasty earning 8.6m viewers a week.
1:27:30 José Martinez sued Disney after he was stuck on It's A Small World.
1:30:52 John Hamm's cockDistractingJon Hamm's Wang. "The ridge."
1:34:10 Mr. T at the Blackhawks game. Rocky discussed.
1:36:55 Geek News: Robert Redford cast in the Captain America The Winter Soldier.
1:39:30 Tomb Raider to be rebooted.
1:40:00 Wonder Woman XXX: A porn parody. StillComparison.
1:41:45 Kevin hasn't seen the Clerks porn parody. Ralph has.
1:42:25 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes. Tunnel.