Hollywood Babble-On 64

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin remember the reason for the season."
Runtime: 1:57:08
Recorded Sat, 17th Dec. 2011
Released Mon, 19th Dec. 2011

Today's sponsor: ManGrate,
0:00 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

1:14 Next week off, as it's Christmas Eve. New Years Eve is the next live show. Next week is Babble-On ComicCon Theater #2. Ralph plugs An Evening With Adam West, and explains the process.
4:10 Batman gets child services called on him.
6:50 Kevin discusses comics and sexual innuendo, and also Aunt Harriett's level of intelligence.
8:00 Kevin would like to pitch "Gay Batman."
9:40 Kevin has introduced a mirror into their stage set-up to see the screen without turning around.
10:35 Ralph plugs the ManGrate.
12:00 A man has a question about the ManGrate. Saftey warning issued.
14:00 Person killed with ManGrate back-stage.
14:45 ManGrate Theater: A ManGrate Carol.
19:05 Shout-outs: Brenda Arsen celebrates her birthday.
20:15 Darrel and Max celebrate Darrel's birthday. Darrel created the "How big is it?" in Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.
22:25 Quotes: "Woof!" "King of the Bears!"
23:00 Mike and Danielle from Edinburgh, Scotland.
24:00 Ralph refuses to sing with Kevin. Kevin references "Do They Know It's Christmas?"
25:05 Angelo and Janie celebrate their analversary. Ralph takes a pop at George Lucas. McDonalds Parfait shout-out.
26:00 Quote: "Bako."
27:40 Quote. "You get burned."
27:55 Justin Porzio explains "mobbing out." Bluntman and Chronic comic tribute. Justin pays Kevin a nice compliment.
30:10 Amber Shaw moves to LA to find a good career, and celebrates her birthday.
30:45 Kevin refers to Cop Out as a menial job.
30:30 Quote: "She'll take your cum and break your heart."
31:55 Gaz from Nottingham, England took a cross-country trip and defines "Bell-end."
34:10 Charlene gets her tits looked at. Charlene's brown eye.
35:00 Cynthia has been to HBO 7 times. Friend Angie's first time. Cynthia is attracted to Kevin.
37:03 Quote: "Jersey Girl was baa-aa-aad!"
37:40 Ryan P welcomes his friend, Angel back.
39:35 Email Bag: Chris Maynard from Seattle got told off from his wife.
40:10 Kevin hears "Rusty Wagonwheel," for the first time.
41:30 Spack suffers from Lupus. Kevin taunts Ralph over his accent abilities. Candy disease.
44:00 Speed emails: David Selleck (?) would like the Creepy Clown music on MP3. It's called Entry of the Gladiators.
45:10 Quote: "Worst Gladiators ever."
45:30 Christ Downie from Scotland has cast actors for Babble-On Begins. Ralph. Kev.
46:42 Shit That Should Not Be: The Empire Strikes Back.
48:48 Tinseltown Stiffs: Bill Tapia.
51:20 Tinseltown Stiff: Bert Schneider.
52:00 Tinseltown Stiff: Joe SimonCaptain America.
54:29 Exquisite Acting: Al Pacino in Heat. (All current videos blocked/deleted).
56:20 Hollywood Helpers: Keanu Reeves.
58:50 Hollywood Helpless: Kevin Smith (Was supposed to go to the New Beverly for Edgar Wright, and wasn't able to appear).
59:48 Quote: "You dick ...!"
1:00:00 Straight, white, males are unable to change tires.
1:02:00 HBO Headlines: Jennifer Aniston names sexiest woman of all time. Madonna #4. What. The fuck?
1:04:00 Kevin watched The Iron Lady. (Oscar screeners).
1:04:45 Quote: "Money!"
1:05:10 Nick Nolte nominated for a SAG award. (Mugshot). 48 Hours referenced.
1:06:15 Hollywood Helper: Nick Nolte.
1:07:55 Lindsay Lohan Playboy issue released. Purse stolen on vacation. Finished community service.
1:10:55 Kirsten Dunst takes out a restraining order. Ralph busts out the "Summerteeth."
1:12:45 Kevin gets the giggles and chaos ensues.
1:14:20 Supposed plane-etiquette. Kevin puts his attention to the flight attention.
1:16:45 Airlines want 30 Rock pulled off the in-flight entertainment services.
1:17:30 Piers Morgan leaves America's Got Talent; Howard Stern to take over. Puppet-battles.
1.19:40 Rachel Crow leaves The X-Factor.
1:21:25 Quote: "Momma, you promised me!"
1:23:05 Justin Bieber pulled over for an unsafe turn. Let off with a warning.
1:24:10 U2 has the highest grossing tour.
1:26:10 Austin Powers Broadway Musical in the works.
1:27:30 Michael Jackson's hair turned into a roulette ball by www.onlinepal.com Kevin files a joke.
1:28:50 Kevin would like his tonsil to live on after he's gone.
1:29:25 Ralph will be giving out the Chelsea Award on New Years Eve.
1:29:50 Courtney Stodden interviewed. Ridiculous.
1:31:11 Porn Star Kim Kardashian second theme song, from Geordie McGrath. First theme played again. (Pearl Jam-esque).
1:32:30 Various Kardashian minutiae. Video.
1:35:00 Ralph would let a black guy fuck him for $65m. Offered $20-50.
1:35:40 Quote: "Let's get ready to rectum!" Ralph sings "Analweiss."
1:37:15 Whoopi Goldberg farts while she interviews Claire Danes.
1:38:35 Quote: "Blew a little frog outta there ..."
1:39:25 Geek News: Dark Knight Rises trailer 2. Kevin received a promotional canisterPromo poster.
1:42:45 Kevin will suck a dick to see the film early.
1:43:05 Sam Jones III arrested with a lot of pills.
1:44:50 Light saber Jedi arrested.
1:46:40 George Takei ceasefire. Ralph kicks out Team Edward.
1:47:50 Special Christmas Treat; The Night Before Christmas read by Ed Wynn.
1:52:40 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.