Hollywood Babble-On 1: Pulse of Hollywood

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin have their fingers on the pulse of Hollywood. They also have their dicks in Hollywood's mouth."
Runtime: 59:57
Recorded: Fri, August 21st 2010.
Released: Mon, August 24th 2010.

0:00 Start with intro from Matt Cohen.
0:24 **first appearance** Ralph Garman
0:29 **first appearance** Kevin Smith
0.43 Kevin says it's the fastest selling show at the SModcast.
0:53 Spencer Pratt shops to sell a tell all book on marriage to Heidi Montag.
2:20 **first appearance** "Anal."
3:00 Quote: (Ralph on Vivid Entertainment) "I enjoy their films about 4 minutes at a time."
3:25 **first appearance** Kim Kardashian and the Kardashians.
5:15 Ralph tried to figure if Khloe is a dude.
6:00 Sextapes, specifically Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee.
7:30 Kevin tells a tale of voyeurism from a Marriott Hotel.
10:00 Quote: "Tentpole fuck."
10:53 Lawrence Fishburne is upset that 19 Y.O. daughter Montana made porn.
12:08 Quote: "This is fuckin' Morpheus' kid!"
12:32 Quote: "She took the blue pill ..."
14:50 The Extendables debut at #1 in the box office, Sylvester Stallone history.
16:30 **first appearance**  Sylvester Stallone impression, and Arnold Schwarzenegger impression.
17:30 Catholic Church upset with Eat, Pray, Love movie.
18:35 Quote "Eat, Pray, Bitch."
19:09 Top Ten Movies for weekend ending 15th August 2010.
20:15 The Budget for A Couple of Dicks was originally $75 million.
20:45 Kevin berates Ralph for leaving him hanging.
21:30 Toy Story 3 has a profound effect on Kevin.
23:15 Carlitos Way reference.
24:00 Geeks attacking Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World online.
25:00 Kevin talks about his movies under-performing in the box office.
28:12 **first appearance** "My favorite story of the week."
28:12 Tila Tequila bottled offstage by Juggaloes
31:05 Video of event: http://starcasm.net/archives/60935
33:55 Tom Green had a $7 million fee in 2000.
35:00 January Jones random info. Weinstein impressions.
37:00 Ralph does a British accent. Kevin does German.
38:30 **first appearance** Michael Fassbender.
39:52 Red State Casting News: Ralph Garman.
40:50 New movies: Vampires Suck, Lottery Ticket, Nanny McPhee Returns, The Switch, Piranha 3D.
41:23 Quote: "How do you parody Twilight?"
43:23 Quote: "I still believe in doing the HBO circa 1979 ..."
43:40 **first appearance** 1930's Ralph.
44:50 Kevin has no clue about reality TV. Ralph explains somewhat.
46:18 Quote: "Bennifer."
47:00 **first appearance** "Credits."
48:15 Jennifer Aniston walked out of a Zack and Miri screening.
49:15 Kevin discusses problems with Karate Kid II, and films killing of characters that he had been invested in.
52:00 **first appearance** Ralph as Doc Brown.
53:30 Quote: "I tried the popcorn trick on myself!"
54:44 **first appearance** Psycho remake. Anne Heche's butthole.
57:13 **first appearance** Kevin deep-throating a microphone.